One of the bitterest pills to swallow this season

Date: 28th April 2010 at 5:20 pm
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Having watched last night’s Champions League semi final, the fact we went out last round is even more frustrating. Watching Lyon capitulate at home to Bayern only leaves you thinking what could have been and in this case the likely answer would have been a third straight Champions League final.

I will take nothing away from Bayern Munich as they do actually have a better team than I thought but as good as their squad is luck has played a huge part in them reaching the finals this season. I could be here all day describing every moment where fortune has favoured them from offside goals to soft red cards.

And of course the first thing anyone will say is we had our fair share of luck in the Champions League especially with John Terry missing his penalty in the 2008 final but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

As lucky as Bayern have been we were equally at fault for letting them get past us, from Gary Neville’s hand ball that lead to Ribery’s deflected free kick to Evra’s lack of concentration in allowing Olic to score in the dying minutes of the first leg.

I still maintain that if Rafael had remained on the field we would have seen the game out and made it through to play a mediocre Lyon side but we were as much at fault for Bayern winning as they were.

Next season I hope these momentary lapses in concentration will not play such a major effect and that in watching Bayern steam into the final, the team will be fired up to get to the next season’s final next themselves.

2 thoughts on “One of the bitterest pills to swallow this season

  • Xyth
    6 years ago

    Bayern should have not been in the position to face us in the first place. Their winning goal against Fiorentina at home was clearly offside. So yes, they could be the luckiest team yet to win the Champions League.

  • Andre
    6 years ago

    Alright first of all I hear is offsides complaints on Bayern from Fiorentina match well if we analyze this we can go into 2nd match of Fiorentina and say Jovetics goal was offside too which it was 100% which cancels out that bayern goal…what then? i mean grow up people English you are just bitter what do you acctually thing you outplayed bayern in first leg? must be joking ya there goal was lucky by ribery but they completly outplayed you and 2nd leg it was MANU fault that rafael was a moron to get sent of not bayern luck! it was your fault! after that you got outplayed fair and square! nobody is saying bayern is better then barcelona but some are making it seem like MANU and Chelsea are the best in the world when they arnt! EPL is strongest as a league which doesnt mean all your teams are the best! get over it


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