Ashley Cole’s Mum Clearly Isn’t A Rio Ferdinand Fan

Date: 10th December 2012 at 11:29 pm
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It’s easy to understand why is such a w*nker when see the sort of person his mum is.

The Chelsea defender has a long list of previous, including shooting a Chelsea trainee with an air rifle and it is generally agreed the left back isn’t that nice a person.

And yesterday after was struck in the face by a coin thrown by a Man City fan, his mother took to Facebook to declare the offender should be awarded with a medal.

The Daily Mirror will lead with a story tomorrow stating that Cole’s mother Sue used her son Maty’s profile on the social networking site to say “Give the fan who threw it (the coin) a medal.”

This is likely to do nothing for relations between Ferdinand and Cole after tumultuous year that saw Cole back Terry against Rio’s brother Anton in the John Terry Race scandal as well as seeing Ferdinand retweet a person calling Cole a ‘choc ice’.

10 thoughts on “Ashley Cole’s Mum Clearly Isn’t A Rio Ferdinand Fan

  • Andrew
    3 years ago

    Haha the way Ashley Cole turned out suddenly makes a lot of sense. A terrific left back but a proper c*nt and the whole nation hates him. Maybe everyone should go easy on him now we now how screwed up his mum is.

  • akin
    3 years ago

    Chav giving birth to a chav. Nothing new there


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