Date: 21st June 2010 at 3:43pm
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There wasn’t much to say about ’s performance against Algeria on Friday, but Westwood managed to describe it in three words, and as you can imagine he wasn’t exactly complimentary! You won’t find the phrase ‘free-flowing football’ anywhere in his second 2010 article for the News of the World, something that England failed to produce in the whole 90 minutes in Cape Town. After time to reflect on the match, Westwood comes up with his own reasons for the Three Lions’ dreadful display that leaves them on the brink of an early exit from South Africa.

He feels that the team are scared. Scared of failure, scared of being criticised, scared of taking the bull by the horns and really going for it. This fear is something that the and the whole team have to banish on Wednesday afternoon if they’re to have any chance of triumphing over Slovenia. Westwood thinks that to be successful you have to take risks, something England simply haven’t done so far and time is running out for the Three Lions to do so. The 2010 is passing England by and we just don’t seem to be ready or to be able to do anything to stop it drifting away.

The big dawg is at as much a loss as the rest of us. He doesn’t buy the ball excuse and refuses to lay blame with the manager, as it’s the players who ultimately have to take responsibility for their shocking performances. Where’s the passion? Nobody is stepping up to the plate and the team is letting the whole nation down. In terms of booing, the Radio 1Xtra DJ thinks that the fans have a right to express how they feel and it’s important that they players hear the criticism. But Westwood still believes, even if he is getting rid of all his team Panini stickers!

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