Date: 24th June 2010 at 5:00pm
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There is always a less talented brother when it comes to footballing families.

Whilst John Terry is the de facto captain in South Africa, his brother Paul is looking for a new club after his contract with Rushden & Diamonds expired at the end of the season. We’ve seen it here at United too with the Neville brothers, Gary became a stand out and is probably one of the best right backs we have had at the club whilst Phil struggled to get into the team (don’t get me wrong Phil was one hell of a player and I still remember the job he did on Vieira in December 2002 as we beat Arsenal 2-0).

Jonny Evans and Cory Evans both look exceptionally talented but they aren’t the brothers that I am concerned with here.

I remember when the Da Silva brothers were signed, Fabio came highly rated and was held in higher regard than Rafael. It was Fabio who captained Brazil’s u17 team at the 2007 World Cup and was the team’s top scorer. It is reported that Fabio first began playing on the left so Rafael could break into the team and take over the right flank role he previously occupied and Rafael can often be heard stating his brother is considerably better than he is but tracking their United careers you would never have guessed.

Rafael is now the brother that has United fans and pundits excited with his all action displays down our right flank. The way he shackled Franck Ribery in the Champions League lead many to believe he has a bright future in the game despite some age induces mishaps.

So what happened to Fabio? And what does the future hold?

Fabio has shone in the reserves but due to injuries at unfortunate times Fabio just hasn’t had the chance to make the same kind of impact as his brother.

Fabio has picked up all manner of injuries but last season was fit for large chunks of it too, the form of Patrice Evra was probably the main thing that kept him out of the team but due to playing all of those games when it came to the business end of the season, Evra looked like he was burned out and we had no Fabio to step in and give Evra a rest.

There has been talk of Fabio going on loan to Sporting Lisbon which was met with a mixed response. Some think getting regular games would see his injuries decrease whilst others would prefer for him to remain at Old Trafford and take his chance when it comes.

In Evra, Fabio faces his biggest problem. Rafael was lucky to emerge at a time when the right back spot was there for the taking. With Neville’s age and injuries and Wes Brown and John O’Shea both being injured too Rafael seized his opportunity with both hands and this is something Fabio will be looking to do this coming season. If Fabio can get more playing time it’s likely his injuries will abate and thus putting him in contention for a place at left back when Evra looks like he needs a rest, is injured or is suspended.

Fabio and Rafael are both outstanding prospects regardless of who is better and there is no reason beyond bad luck that both can’t forge careers at the club.


10 responses to “So how does this United starlet break through to the first team?”

  1. Amrith says:

    Yup agree mate .. In the handful of games that Fab has played, he’s looked much more composed than Rafa. He may not have as much attacking flair as Rafa but he is a better defender for sure. Hope to see the twins patrolling the flanks for years to come.


  2. Martin says:

    As good as he is the point is Evra is a massive wall to get round. He will be back up at best for years as Evra still has years at the top level.
    Thats the joy of the situation though as he is only 19, he will pick up games and experience so when Evra is ready to go we will have a ready made replacement to step right into the void.

    Good piece

  3. jonathan says:

    Is it a crazy thought to see if they can play in midfield? I’ve seen so little of Fabio that I have no idea, but Rafael seems like he could do it. It may be like Bale who was played as a back, though always thought to be a capable midfielder. After the last few months, I doubt we’ll be seeing much of Bale as defender anymore.

    I’m thrilled over these guys though, and they’re showing a hell of a lot of development and poise for their age. Rafael has done well, and though they’re twins I wonder if he’s more physically developed than Fabio which may explain it a bit(take a look at the pic, and I’m quite sure it is Rafael who is looking noticeably stronger).

    For Fabio only to be available at left back is a bit of a career dead-end as Matin said, since he’ll likely only see himself included for low-profile games as long as Evra’s aroun. Since he, according to this article, has played in other positions before, maybe that can be explored at United.

  4. lisa says:

    little fabs has always been good when played but the thing i think won him the united faithful hearts was last season when he slipped when bout nick ball of knighty in carling cup and instead letting a run on goal, fabs stuck up an arm and tripped him. fabio rather be sent off for utd then conced a goal, his love and commitment to the club will make him a utd legend we all love.

  5. ManU says:

    Its time for Sir Alex to retire his senior players especially Gary N and John Oshea.They both are slow and lack of pace.Johnny Evans,Rafeal Fabio and Possebon are all availble to take over.Pace is very important and these young players have got it and skill too.

  6. Ahmed says:

    It is true that the brothers are enhancingly good and have a bright future ahead.fabio injuries had actually denied him the chance to break in to first team but nevertheless if he is given chance this season as well as playing time then we can evaluate his performance lik we do wt dt of his twins brother.

  7. Chudi Onwuazor says:

    I’ll have to disagree @ManU.
    Pace can be off set by good positioning and timing, look at Micah Richards as fast as you like but has such poor positioning a fast player will just exploit that.

    Good positioning is something both Rafa and Fabio lack thus they pick up cards red and yellow when they get caught out. These are things experience teaches.

    John O’Shea has grown into a top defender and he’s far from old at just 29

  8. Tom says:

    This is a good article and I have to agree with Jonathan, not for the first time, that we should try Fabio in midfield. It would allow him to get some more games on top of covering for Evra. The best time to test him would be on our tour in the USA. I would love to see both Fabio and Rafeal become equally important players for us, like the De Boer twins were for Ajax. Rafeal path is alot more simple, but Fabio is supposedly the more talented of the two. Also I remember he was a bit of a goalscorer in a youth international tournament, so slotting into the wide left midfield could be the making of him.

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