Date:14th October 2010 at 1:16pm
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When trying to decipher what exactly was wrong with Wayne Rooney a few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that he was still suffering the ill effects of the ankle injury he picked up in Munich last season.

He had been rushed back and I assumed that the fact he had not been given a long enough period to rest and recuperate meant he was suffering a hangover from the initial injury but that was just an opinion so yesterday when in an interview Rooney himself stated that he was fine and that he wasn’t suffering any ill effect from the injury, it raised a few eyebrows.

Henry Winter correctly surmised in a single tweet:

#Rooney ankle saga in full: damaged v Bayern, tweaked, recovered. Now needs games. Head, not ankle, the problem. Form temp, class permanent

But this morning I woke up to the shocking news that Wayne was on his way out of the club and that Sir Alex Ferguson was furious with him. The story goes that having said that Wayne was injured to pull him out of the firing line, Sir Alex was furious that Wayne then turned around and sad he hasn’t been injured and effectively called Sir Alex a liar and thrown what was meant to be a good deed back in his face.

Understandably Sir Alex would be angry, especially at the insinuation that he is a liar but to put 2 and 2 together and get 6 by stating this could see Rooney on his way out of the club is laughable. Add to this the supposed problems Wayne is having agreeing a new contract and there you go, you have a (non)story.

I have seen the case of Van Nistelrooy, Beckham and Stam mentioned and although Rooney may have undermined Sir Alex with his comments, I personally think the whole issue has been blown out of proportion for the sake of a headline, in all reality it is very unlikely that Wayne will leave the club, at the risk of Cristiano Ronaldo being thrown in my face (it was different circumstances) it wouldn’t benefit us to sell our best player.

Rooney was silly to come out and say something that was in direct opposition to what the gaffer said but it is not illegal to have a different opinion to Sir Alex. So as bad as it is now, I think it can be resolved and in time will be forgotten.