Date:19th October 2010 at 6:00pm
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I’ve been a United fan for a relatively short time when you look at things on a grand scale.

The club has been functioning since 1878 so in that sense I haven’t been alive to witness half let alone a quarter of the club’s history. I didn’t get to see the Busby Babes or the ‘dark days’ when we were relegated, I didn’t even see a prime Bryan Robson but in my time as a United fan I have seen great players come and more significantly leave.

Players like David Beckham, Jaap Stam, Roy Keane, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo amongst others have left Old Trafford, I can still remember walking to college and getting a call from my brother to tell me that Luis Garcia had ended Roy Keane’s United career as the Spaniard had injured him in his last match.

When Ronaldo left many of us consoled ourselves by saying that Rooney on a whole was more important to the team and if he infact left we would be in more trouble and sadly we now face that situation, the difference is that many of the people that said that now wouldn’t mind seeing the back of Rooney.

When Ronaldo finally joined Madrid a lot of fans felt bitter at the manner in which it was felt he forced the move yet we knew he was a Real Madrid fan and that he wanted to play for them so once we had got used to it many if not most fans mellowed and wish him well in Spain but Rooney is a different story.

Listening to Sir Alex’s version of things Rooney is a villain. Having told us he loves the club, kissed the badge and declared he wanted to be at the club for life to break the appearance record, he has now out of the blue stated he wants to leave. Some initially thought he wanted an improved deal and was using this saga to get it but we are being told he has shut the door on any reconciliation by stating he doesn’t want to even negotiate a new deal, he just wants to leave.

The fact he stated he didn’t want to sign a new contract in August shows that initial reports that Rooney had a falling out with Sir Alex over Rooney’s fitness and Sir Alex’s attempts to protect him from the backlash of his extra marital affairs are false or only part of the problem.

Many of the players being named had left United after falling out with Sir Alex or with other players but with Rooney there isn’t a sense of this. Despite stories of a bust up Sir Alex is adamant that he hasn’t quarrelled with Wayne so it looks like he just wants out and this is what will offend us as fans the most, being told that we as a club aren’t good enough for him. In his press conference Sir Alex evoked the name of Sir Matt Busby and cited the clubs history and in Rooney’s actions it appears he doesn’t care, despite being a part of it.

Rooney is a Scouser but despite that we took him on as one of our own, it was forgotten after 6 years showing the love we as fans have for him but Rooney’s actions are a cold shoulder to our affection. I personally have seen a backlash towards him already: called names, talk of burning shirts as well as planned responses towards him during games. Although I won’t be partaking in any of this I 100% can see why people would react in such a way.

In 6 years Rooney won many trophies, accolades as well as the affections of the fans but he has in effect ruined this. When it comes time for Rooney to say his piece he may be able to patch up some of these problems but the damage is done. Even if he does perform a u turn ala Steven Gerrard he will still have stained his legacy but if he does leave he will leave a villain regardless of what he says, not a fitting ending for a player like Wayne Rooney’s United career.

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