Date: 23rd October 2010 at 1:01pm
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For all the doom and gloom surrounding the current England national team, the next level of youngsters set to break through are extremely promising.

The likes of Josh McEachran has been making massive waves over at Chelsea, whilst we have been linked with Jack Rodwell, Everton’s talented youngster. I don’t need to tell you how Jack Wilshere is now and can go on to be in the future and Tom Cleverley has a huge future at Old Trafford if Sir Alex has anything to say about it.

Brian Marwood, Manchester City’s football administrator, has been put in charge of cultivating Man City next set of stars (possibly a new Rooney as they can’t have the current one!) at their Platt Lane academy and in the Telegraph today whilst discussing youth development at City, Henry Winter stated,

Probably the most gifted teenager in the country is Ravel Morrison at Manchester United.

That’s a pretty big statement to make especially if you consider the players who are in that bracket and the experience they have compared to Morrison, who has only played at reserve level for United but Marwood agreed adding:

“I signed him at Nike at 15. I know the baggage there. United will work hard to get him back into line. A lot of other clubs give up on that side and indulge him because he’s a talented footballer.’’

The baggage they speak of is an alleged altercation with the police a little while ago and whilst it was a cause for concern then, there has apparently been a marked improvement in his conduct both on and off the field.

As I said it is a huge statement to make but I’m pretty sure neither would stake their reputations if they didn’t truly believe this.

Definitely one for the future.


19 responses to “Ravel Morrison: ‘The most gifted teenager in the country’”

  1. John says:

    John bostock is better than ravel Morrison but they both have got attitude problems.

    I personally think maracharan and chuks aneke are better players

    • AG says:

      “maracharan” – wtf? shut up.

    • Gooner says:

      As somebody who watches alot of English youth football matches at international level Morrison is the most gifted young player in the country i just hope that he does not throw it all away, P.S i am an Arsenal fan by the way.

  2. Chudi Onwuazor says:

    I like Aneke and Benik Afobe is going to be a talent, I know his sister.

    I think Morrison is extremely talented but I haven’t seen all of the highly rated teenagers in the country to say Winter and Marwood are right though.

  3. johnboy says:

    what is next for ravel? a loan? all the other players mentioned are buzzing around the first team squads at clubs, wilshere, mach..wossisname, bostock et al

  4. Rohit says:

    Morrison has so improved his attitude, presently he’s playing regularly and seems to be enjoying it..He’s also tracking back quiet well and has generally worked hard..On form his technique and vision are outstanding, he’s a fab dribbler who beats defenders with skill than pace, a la messi..Also he’s got a good goal threat, chips the ball fantastically..

  5. Rashid says:

    I think Chuks Aneke at Arsenal has everything it takes to be a good Premier League footballer.

  6. dayveyboy says:

    was talkikng to Tunnicliffe’s dad in pub the other day.he says the same about morrison, best he’s seen at that level.fingers crossed he doesnt turn out to be a knob

  7. G says:

    I don’t rate Bostock or Tunnicliffe, to me their both early developers, who won’t amke it at the highest level. Bostock can’t get a game at Hull city these days and, to think, there was a debate about him being better than Wilshere a couple of years ago. Tunnicliffe has been overlooked in the England u19’s for younger players.

    Morrison is a player worth waiting for. If he lives up to expectations, then England have a great future.

  8. Lol says:

    For me at just 18 years old Jack Wilshere looks the real deal.

  9. Jon says:

    Chuks Aneke isn’t English. He may have an English passport but he’s not an Englishman.

    Morrison, though, is a very promising player. It’s a shame Fergie will retire before Morrison breaks into the side.

  10. luhr says:

    W.Keane , Stewart , Wootoon , all seem good.. And for R.Ireland it looks better thanks…. Brady , Mcginty , Coll , Gunning , Colford , Coleman….