Date: 31st October 2010 at 1:41pm
Written by:

Yesterday before the Spurs Match fans converged on Old Trafford to again protest the Glazers’ ownership of the club in a peaceful United Against Glazer demonstration. Thankfully our friends over at Stretford End Arising have sent us over some pictures of the demonstration.

Click the image to see more pictures.

If you want to see more anti Glazer photos, you can do so here


5 responses to “Photos: United Against Glazer march before the Spurs game”

  1. deaz says:

    what a stupid and pointless protest, you still went to the game and gave the glazers money. they laffin all the way to the bank. i bet they wouldnt mind a prtest every match along as the money keeps coming in.

  2. big un says:

    deaz, is going to support your team a bad thing? is voicing your opinion a bad thing?

    work for the cancer by any chance?

  3. deaz says:

    big un, i support united, but i dont support the glazers. you prob the kind of supported that goes on about how much you hate the glazer, but still support them by giving them money which is totally pointless.

  4. big un says:

    I gave my ticket up. I watch them on the telly. I cant afford to go. I dont buy any official merchandise and dont own a shirt after Sharp went off the front. When I used to go I’d sneak in a can of wife-beater for half time. However Id get my seat back if I could afford it. The team still needs support as a football team and not to be neglected because of the business side of the coin. The glazers love the fact ‘true’ fans are leaving because they fill the seats wth tourists (that fly on sponsors airplanes and stay in Uniteds hotel…) with money to burn therefore making more money than if I walked the 5 mins to OT swerving the megastore and programme huts armed with my gratis half time Stella paying only the ticket price. If the whole stadium was full of anti Glazer fans then we could ensure no one spent anything beyond the ticket price. As it is: you leave – they fill your seat with snap happy Japs laden with Megastore bags and Redcafe burger inbetween their teeth. Think about it.

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