Date: 2nd November 2010 at 9:00am
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Having missed out on Mesut Ozil it appears that we have decided to go for the next best thing in Ilkay Gundogan or the new Mesut Ozil.

It’s not lost on me at all that despite being massively talented Mesut Ozil hasn’t actually achieved anything in his career so for Gundogan to be labelled the ‘new Mesut Ozil’ is pretty ridiculous but hey I don’t make the rules, I guess the fact he is a German of Turkish origin is enough!

Currently playing for Nurenberg, Gundogan is considered one of the Bundesliga’s brightest talents and hasn’t done his reputation any damage with his recent form including 2 goals against Werder Bremen as Nurenberg picked up an away win this weekend. The playmaker is central to Nurenberg’s attack and is described as having a good shot as well as being good at set pieces.

Here is the obligatory YouTube video:


6 responses to “Video: United keeping tabs on the ‘new Ozil’”

  1. pjch says:

    It no use keeping an eye on someone because as we have seen in the past when we keep an eye on someone other clubs come in and buy them. Come on SAF you have loads of money to spend. If you think hes good enough then buy him in Jan. I hope hes someone who will fit into the team now and not one for the future. We need someone now

  2. Diriye says:

    “It’s not lost on me at all that despite being massively talented Mesut Ozil hasn’t actually achieved anything in his career”

    In 2009 Özil won under 21 championship and German FA Cup. He was the MVP in both matches scoring goals and assisting others. Ozil Bremen reached the final in Europa League in 2009. Germany came 3rd in the world largely becuase of him. To do this all before the age of 21 is pretty amazing some would say.

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      *Yawn* People dub players the new Zidane, the new Ronaldo etc he hasn’t achieved anywhere near as much as these players. I am a big fan of Ozil before the World cup started we were singing his praises (if you use the search option above you’ll see) but I’m sorry just no.

      • jonathan says:

        Yeah, but whenever people add “the new…” it’s usually in terms of potential rather than accomplishments. If you establish yourself up there with the likes of Zidane and Ronaldo, you’ll simply be known by your own name. So at 21 y.o. Ozil has accomplished a hell of a lot more for his reputation than virtually anyone else his age.
        But we all know you have nothing but praise for Ozil, so it’s just a different POV. You seem to have a crystal ball for many players and trends in the game so I’m sure Gundogan is one to look out for.

  3. Diriye says:

    Mesut was phenomenal at the world cup. He out shone Ronaldo, Kaka, Messi and all the big boys. That is great accomplishment. Any way we’re cool as long as we are Ozils fan.

    Peace out Dog.

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