Date: 5th November 2010 at 3:00pm
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When it was announced today that Wayne Rooney would be going to the Nike labs in Portland, America for a week of conditioning training ahead of his return for United it set alarm bells off.

Rooney hasn’t played since his late cameo against West Brom last month and after aggravating his ankle injury after a clash with Paul Scholes will need to regain his fitness ahead of a return to the frentic pace of the Premier League. Mike Phelan stated that Rooney has indeed recovered from his ankle injury and the trip to America has come about in order for him to get back to match fitness away from the glare of the media who seem to have the striker well in their sights.

To be fair the comments make sense, after the madness with his extra marital affairs and his stance on the club and it’s ambition it makes sense for him to be away. Of course it rules him out of the Manchester derby but at the same time if he wasn’t match fit whether he was in the country or not he wouldn’t have played.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories over Rooney and his position at the club, many still feel he will leave in the summer despite signing his new contract and things like this will only fuel them so until Rooney is seen on the pitch happy and scoring goals they won’t subside.

Personally I don’t see what all the fuss is, if he is away at Nike where I’m assuming they have some of the best facilities in the world attempting to get fit then we should be optimistic. Looking in the long term we have bigger games against title rivals like Arsenal and Chelsea coming up and if this trip means we can see a top shape Rooney lining up against them I’m all for this latest trip on the Rooney world tour.

Phelan said he will be gone for a week, next Saturday when we face Aston Villa I think this so called murky picture maybe a touch clearer.

I doubt Wayne will probably have any time to brush up on his Fifa 11 skills whilst away for his week long training so you could catch him cold if you win the chance to play against him:


7 responses to “What’s all the fuss over United star?”

  1. brian says:

    well loads of man united fans saying he is going to man city in the summer. and thats why he is heading to the usa. they will be war if he played. you will see july 5 rooney sign for man city 70 million deal

  2. fakrul says:

    rooney will be a man city player on january 1 , 2011… i fear he wont play for man united again….

  3. Chudi Onwuazor says:

    Was unaware you both had crystal balls! I think it’s too early to start making assumptions but it is a feasible notion.

    I think he will play for us again regardless if he is off in the near future and if he does go I doubt he will leave in January

  4. MadManc78 says:

    First off, what kind of business sense would it make to Rooney or Manchester City for him to sign a new deal with us? The new deal drives the price right up, and whilst thats not a big deal for City, they are hardly going to want to fork over £XXmil extra to a title chasing club when they might not have needed to.
    Will Rooney stay with us for ever? No. Will he go in January? I very much doubt it.

  5. jonathan says:

    I think people are overeacting to the Rooney situation. First off, there’s no defending his actions, but who says a player can never receive grace from the fans? Who can deny that up until this episode that he hasn’t given his all to the club for several years? Fair enough, any grace he’s earned is now used on this screw up, but at least give him the chance to earn his loyalty back. Imagine if people judged themselves the way they have for Rooney.

    What’s with the revisionist history of his playing abilities? If any of these opinions were shared mere months ago, you’d find yourself being attacked by a mob. I think it’s probably a good idea for the league’s reigning MVP to remain with our team.

    Last, there is no consipiracy of him going to Oregon. Everyone knowns his ankle’s been crocked and it’s been a sh*tstorm with the media in the UK. It’s a pretty natural choice for me.

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      Well said, I think the one that gets me the most is the way all of a sudden he is a sh*t player.
      I remember the guy that tried to totally denigrate him as a player.
      He’s gone through a poor spell likely down to an injury and problems with his mental but he has shown what he can do.
      Like you said Jonathan he should be given the chance to regain people’s favour.

  6. Clinton says:

    Fergie knows rooneys going and deserves massive credit for getting him to sign a new contract that ensures we don’t get mugged off with the transfer fee. He won’t go to city and ill tell you why. He’s been caught out for havin sex with prossies and everytime he steps foot on the pitch he gets reminders off the fans. he is so embarressed he can’t function as a player properly. That wouldn’t change if he went to city. If anything it would be worse. No what he wants is a fresh start in a new country where he can’t understand what’s the fans are shouting. In my opinion even if he wins back the fans at OT he will still get barracked at away grounds and it will affect his play. I will be glad when he’s gone. And I bet fergie will to. The moral of the story is don’t go with prossies.