Date: 11th November 2010 at 9:02am
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You would expect one so young to be scared of the caveman but not our Rafa, who puts the Argentine firmly in his place! Love the fact he was so incensed he went back for another go and Scholes gives him a little tap on the chin to calm him down.

*sniff sniff* What’s that smell? Oh Carlos that’s disgusting, you could have waited until half time!


19 responses to “Gif: Rafael makes Tevez his female dog”

  1. mark flynn says:

    The guys an animal no fear no fear.He is going to be hot property tie him down on a ten year deal.And add some of whatever he is on to his brothers cornflakes.Imagine both on either wings.Love the guy legend in the making.Its all down to gary neville,neville teaches him not to respect big egos.He had 50 million pound bale in his pocket.well done kid.

  2. jay bradley says:

    HA HA Looks to me like Tevez is the one pushing a little girl around but he was trying to hide behind the ref? Who taught him that…Neville?

    Watch him get brave once the ref has hold of CT’s arm, then watch his face when CT tells him hes getting it in the tunnel…soon stops! Maybe he’ll go and paint CT’s house with red paint now in frustration. Maybe he gets it from them who dress in black cos of oneils BS book and think they look hard in the crowd. He didnt though whilst burning himself with flares eh…brilliant!

  3. jonathan says:

    Forget branding Rafael one for the future, he’s already our present and has got the better of every opponent he’s faced this season. Back in August Giggs said he was the best young defender in Europe and that claim is no longer sounding exagerated by any means.
    His already top notch defensively, and now I can’t wait to see how his offensive game develops.
    Like Mark Flynn said, we should tie him and Fabio up asap.
    I’m sure in the back of Tevez mind was his awe of how radically transformed Rafael has become in just the short year and a half since he left the club.

  4. Danny Salford Red says:

    Jay Bradley dont be a div , watch the video above you will clearly see young Rafael agree to see him in the tunnel and point in the same direction. Use your eyes before spouting garbage

  5. reddevilkile says:

    tevez is uglier than to take a poop standing on a hammock! atta boy rafa , to take down the clown 🙂

  6. vinesh says:

    fatigue can sometime obstruct vision thats what was case with bradley guy

  7. RedDevil says:

    I think Rafael should start playing some games in the midfield, much of that fire is needed there

  8. voster says:

    I think Rafael is talented but I’m not sure how this shows his “strength”.

    The only reason he can shriek at Tevez is because Tevez’s professionalism prevents him from clocking him. In a straight fight, Rafael would probably be thumped by Tevez’s bulk.

    Shouting down someone knowing that he’s too nice/professional to retaliate in a way that you cannot resist is just opportunistic.

  9. Kael says:

    Rafael has real potential to be a world class right back, he is like a younger Dani Alves, fast n attacking minded