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Welcome to the fifth issue of The Red Report,
the round table discussion of all things Manchester United by your favourite United
blogs: The Busby Way, Stretford-End, Bangalore To Old
, ManUtd24 and Red Force Rising.

This week we look back at the Derby against Manchester City and explain what it

means to us; discuss Ole’s departure; praise Michael Carrick; and run the rule over

free-scoring Andy Carroll.

This emotionally charged week was dominated by a game at Eastlands against
City. With the ITV documentary about what the game means and with people questioning
City’s passion, we discuss what the derby means to us…

Chudi | The Busby Way: The derby with City has
taken on renewed importance with City’s sugar daddy but it will always be a massive
game. I remember losing 3-1, Gary Neville messed up and Goater scored then John
O’Shea missed a sitter near the end, it burned me but we have had some great wins
over them too with the 3-2 in 1993 (Cantona double) and all of our wins last season.
The tie will only get bigger as City continue to grow and we continue to succeed and
I expect many more epic games in the future too.

Doron | Stretford-End: The Derby is the game
with Man City. Liverpool are rivals because of their achievements but Man City are
our geographical enemies. Even so, I look forward to the Liverpool game more and I’m
not too sure why.
I think because City have never been a threat to United the Liverpool game became
the bigger of the two. However, since coming into money and after the four epic and
draining matches last year I have a new regenerated feeling for the game. Pride is
now once again on the line (or so Sky Sports’ montages tell me).
With the way Liverpool are going and the way City are going this game can only get

Siddarth | Bangalore to Old Trafford: The
Manchester derby is one of the biggest fixture of the most important fixtures of the
year for me, and the only other fixture in which i look forward to a win as much as
i do here is when we play the Scousers.
This time’s derby turned out to be a drab affair, many thanks our noisy neighbours
who seemed to have forgotten to do the talking where it matters, on the pitch!!
No matter how much City spend or how much they try, there will be truly only one big
club in Manchester and that is us. They might be able to buy all the world class
players in the world but they should know that money will not win them fans and
respect! And beating their sorry faces gives me immense joy.

TG | ManUtd24: Over the past few years, the
derby has gained importance, if you like, what with the amount of money being poured
into Manchester Citeh and the fact that they look at team worthy of a top three
finish. Even our previous games have involved much drama, bar the one on Wednesday
night, of course. Who knows? In a few years time, this game might not just decide
who has bragging rights in the City, but instead, be a title decider. That would be
great for Manchester – but for the moment, the city is red in colour.

Alan | RedForceRising: The Manchester derby
might be contested on a more equal playing field nowadays, but it’s still not as
important to me as the matches against Liverpool…… or Chelsea. I want Manchester
United to be beat the biggest clubs and Al Ciddeh still are not in that elite group.
City are currently paying big money for good players, but fortunately have not been
able to sign great players, so can’t even buy success like Roman Abramovich did. And
try as they might, the bitters can’t even be as revolting as Liverpool fans, who
down the years have caused me emotional – and on two occasions – physical pain.
I also think the media hype has been very misleading. City have won against United
in recent times, so it’s not as if winning the Manchester derby equals silverware.
Especially not if you lose against Wolves and need luck to win against Blackpool.
Long may Bobby Manc’s reign continue at the Wastelands and when he finally gets the
boot, I hope they get Rafa Benitez. Amen.

Kyle | Stretford-End: Hating Citeh is just part
of being a United fan. There was one moment in my life that really pushed my hatred
over the edge. My first year of college we were randomly assigned roommates, and I
somehow managed to get paired with a City fan. I really liked him as a person, but
his ranting about City was intolerable. All I ever heard was about all of his
suffering as a City fan and complaining that United had bought all of their success.
Apparently he forgot about all the players we developed, but regardless, it was
enough to drive any United fan mad. My hatred for City easily doubled that year.
After all that, City is easily my most hated team and my favourite to beat. I think
the sheik has only made my hate worsen too. After all the “buying success” arguments
my room mate made about United, the fact that City are now trying to do exactly that
is even more infuriating. It’s a shame we only left with a point this time, but I
trust we can get three next time. Oh, and I just want to say how thrilled I was to
see Rafa show the same hatred I have against Tevez. That’s the spirit of the derby!

That’s passion for you, folks!

Molde FK unfortunately announced that Ole Gunnar Solskjær would be leaving
us to become their new manage in January. Here are our thoughts on his

Alan | RedForceRising: I wasn’t very emotional
on Tuesday. I had heard about Molde’s ambitions to give Ole his first pop at top
flight management a while back and by Monday was convinced the deal was as good as
done. The move seems completely logical and a perfect fit for the baby-faced
assassin. Having won the Barclay’s Reserves League, Ole simply had to take another
step up and his home town club is the best place to cut his managerial teeth without
biting off more than he can chew.
The upside for United is that the club will be able to loan young players to Molde
with the confidence that they will be getting good guidance and that the club will
receive accurate, quality reports on the youngsters’ progress.

TG | ManUtd24: I was swept up and felt
emotional when I first heard the news, tweeting various pieces of tributes to the
great man. When he retired as a player – that felt like the end of Ole and United.
He came back and did a great job with the reserves and so we must thanks him, and
wish him luck at Molde. He may never return, but that doesn’t matter because he’s
already left his legacy at the club. You’ll see soon when a couple of these reserve
players make the step up.

Siddarth | Bangalore to Old Trafford: I was
gutted to hear he was leaving us, Ole has to be one of the most loved players at
United over the past decade, he’s done so much for the club over the years and
continuing his excellent work in coaching too. Ole’s professionalism and dedication
to United is a example for every United youngster to follow.
He’s been pretty successful with the reserves and turned out to be a very good
manager, and a move back to his Old club seems a logical step in his progression
into management. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a very successful career in
management for him and maybe one day we’ll see him at the helm at Old Trafford.

Doron | Stretford-End: It is for Ole a good
time to move on. He was never going to be able to say no to Molde this time round.
I’m sure he will go on to take Molde back closer to the good times, just don’t take
any of our young stars!!!
I made my feelings for Ole clear earlier this week in an article for SE
we all wish Ole the best of luck and I’m sure he’ll be back.

Kyle | Stretford-End: Obviously I’m sad to see
Ole leave, but honestly what United fan isn’t? In January his 14 years association
with United will come to an end, and I’m young enough that I really can’t remember a
time when Ole wasn’t around Old Trafford in some capacity. It’s a whole mixed bag of
emotions, but it won’t really hit home until January. It seems so surreal that Ole
won’t be around.
There are two sides to everything, though, and I am thrilled for him to be taking
this big step forward in his management career. Obviously the United reserves were
not going to be the end of the line for him. Molde is a great next step for him and
it’s a club that has special meaning for him. There seems to be an overwhelming
belief that Jose Mourinho will be the next manager of United, which I think is the
most likely scenario. Mourinho will be no Sir Alex though; he won’t be there
forever. There’s no guarantees that Ole will return, but if he is successful at
Molde he could certainly find himself back with United someday.

Chudi | The Busby Way: I looked at Ole’s
departure logically, whilst I was sad to see him leave he had to go to get the
necessary experience if he was to ever return and manage the club. He had said
previously that he couldn’t manage the reserves forever and after nearly 15 years at
the club he has every right to go out and try his hand elsewhere. I think he has the
necessary attributes to succeed and I look forward to his return.

A mish-mash of feelings, thoughts and emotions…who put the ball in the German’s net?

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