Date: 14th November 2010 at 6:42pm
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The good thing about having players out on loan is that they can lend a hand in trying to peg back your opponents and that’s exactly what Danny Welbeck did as he capped a tremendous performance with a goal against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Good to see him playing well whilst out on loan.


9 responses to “Video: Welbeck scores as Chelsea crash 3-0 at home”

  1. Ishan Hades says:

    WooooooHoooooooooooooo 😀 YEAHHHH

  2. Pauline Gill says:

    Well done Danny and Sunderland! Amazed by Chelsea fans booing, leaving early. Not amazed by Ashley failing to shake anyone’s hand at end of game. Shameful.

  3. Rohit says:

    Danny was terrific along with everyone from sunderland..Danny’s first touch, movement and passing were all top draw..He was also working hard and tracking back while he can..Played a part in all three goals, can’t ask for more..For me this was the best performances by a loanee in a long long time(particularly against such an opposition)..Keep it up danny boy..


    mate you should do an article on our fans, comparing them to the plastics at chelsea..Booing for losing a game, retards..

  4. DiZbUsTeR says:

    Typical chelski scum. Players are scum and supporters are scum too.
    I’m glad Danny scored.
    Unites should get Ray Wilkins on board to replace Ole when he goes.
    I’m sure he can give us some inside info on Chelski.

  5. jonathan says:

    If Welbeck ops to play for Ghana (however unlikely) he could create a formidable partnership with Gyan on the international scene – much to Chudi’s dismay!

    Out of our three loan agreements, this one with Sunderland appears to be working out the best. Looks like Cleverley’s staring to be used more though, but I still feel he would’ve gained a lot more under Coyle at Bolton. But thanks to Bruce for using his head and recognizing talent when he sees it. Any word on Diouf? I’m under the impression he’s generally being used as a sub, but I haven’t followed up too much.

    As Rohit mentioned, I was pleased to see so many aspects to Welbeck’s game. He still needs more clinical finishing ability, but he’s taking steps forward which is encouraging.

    • Rohit says:

      He’s been in england and has been involved with their young squads too much to have a change in heart..
      The thing about danny is that iam happy to see him use his physique more..He’s always had the technique, a fine touch etc but he never used to use his physique to proper effect..Iam really glad that he went on loan to a pl club..The improvements are astounding..

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      When I woke up and read this comment it dawned on me that there was a possibility (however small) that he could be playing with Gyan for Ghana – it ruined my day!

      • jonathan says:

        Ha, maybe your next piece could examine as to how Ghana – a fifth of the population of Nigeria, outplayes Nigeria about five times better!

        Sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉

  6. ??? says:

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