Date: 15th November 2010 at 9:30am
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A worrying trend has begun to rear it’s head amongst United fans again, with people blaming Dimitar Berbatov or singling him out criticism when the team on a whole doesn’t play well.

On Saturday there were a number of players who played worse than the Bulgarian but he seemed to be an easy target so I’ve decided to join the bandwagon. Rumour has it, Berbatov was at fault for a number of catastrophes throughout history and we have obtained photographic evidence catching him in the act of one of his heinous crimes, yes it was in fact Berbatov that started the great fire of London!

Obviously no player is beyond criticism but at least be fair and constructive with it rather than over the top and unnecessarily harsh!

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47 responses to “Picture: Blame Berba”

  1. rob b says:

    Uniteds most pressing issue at the moment is the lack of creativity from midfield. It’s something the manager has to address soon. However, Berbatov is not blameless. I’m sick of this hollow defending of him. Yes he’s a genius but yes he is also wholly inconsistent. Would I like him to succeed at United? One million percent yes. But when he doesn’t put it in he’s gonna rightfully get it from the fans. No player has ever had the righteous protection that Berba has from a vocal minority of fans. Even Ronaldo would get criticism for a poor match, when usually he’d be destroying teams..its par for the course. Always support the team, but letting them know when you’re not happy is important. If you appear to not give a rats arse, and get substituted then were not gonna be signing your praises. Our cheers are earned.

    • Alfredb says:

      You speak well Rob. This page is damned filled with analysts. I’m so proud of United. Our problems apart from the Berba factor is the lack of a creative midfielder, and it is really painful that SAF has failed to address this sore issue for so long. United labours too much to create these days. The electric one-two triangle reminiscent of the days of Cole and Yorke, Ole, Sheringham, Ronaldo/Rooney and Tevez appear gone for good too.Nowadays teams, average teams too, come to attack United at Old Trafford, and when we go away teams swarm all over us rather than sit cautiously as in the past. We need to invest, and I agree Queroz should return as well.

  2. Mico says:

    Kylie, come on love, settle down.
    We don’t want to be name calling each other.
    Nobody hates any United player, but we can’t be blind to the point of foolishness.

    We all gave Berbatov his due at the beginning of the season when he put in some good performances. Seems to me that since the Rooney sh*t hit the fan he has gone into his shell again.

    That is not good enough for a player of his talent and experience. He should be seizing the moment and showing why he was targeted by SAF as a major piece of the team he was trying to build.

    It will be soon 2 1/2 years since he signed for United. We should not still be having these kind of doubts and discussions about him. Something is wrong.

  3. ghnvcnfgch says:

    i remember one saying: success has many fathers, failure only one mother… well think about it. During the last 2 years united had some good games and the press heaped price over almost all players: rooney, nani, scholles, gigs. However, the moment they lose, there is only one to blame. So dont you think that if the players that make the big difference are others and not bebra it is kind of strange the reason for failures to be bebra… after all, obviusly he influences the game very little with the other guys always winning the games for utd. how come his poor performance makes the other stars not play???

    and one last thing. when he played for tottenham, the media in bulgaria said: we want him play this way for the national team. when he played for united sir Alex said: i want him play for utd the way he does it for his national team?!?!?!?!?
    face the facts: he’s always been the most effective striker (goals/per game) for bulgaria (a nation that had stoichkov, penev and many others) at the age of 28 he became best scorer ever and yet he was forced to leave the team because of all the critisism….. no matter what a geanius do, it still looks easy and lazy.

    and to those who said: we gave him time. NO you didt i remember how the fans were waving argentinian flags, when he came, to show sir alex who they want to see on the pitch…

  4. steve says:

    The comments that he ‘doesn’t have what it takes to be a United player’ usually means he doesn’t run around like a lunatic and achieve nothing but a sweat. To some that’s a mark of genius but it’s also the reason England have done nothing for 4 decades – we, as a country focus on the wrong thing. Berb is a naturally gifted footballer, superb technique and an inate knowledge of where to be, the problem lies with the fact that so many in the present United squad possess no such knowledge. I hate to say it but Berb’s talents would be better suited to a team that plays football rather than a United team full of average players who are lauded for their work rate but provide little in the way of quality. It scares me that we are still dependant on the class of ’95 have we learned nothing from past mistakes? and while I’m at it, fuck off carrick you useless waste of space

    • Alfredb says:

      It’s not about running around “like a lunatic” Steve, it’s about positioning in the six yard box, it’s about creating chances as a natural number 9 would, it’s about finishing lethally.It’s about beating your man before he knows you’re there. Berba does none of these.

  5. Mico says:

    To try and imply that Berbatov only plays bad when the rest of the team plays bad is an insult to the lads to be honest.

    It is total denial of the problems he is facing living up to his name and reputation. United have played some wonderful football with Berbatov both in and out of the team.

    The times when we needed to rely on Berbatov to see the team through important matches have very often proved a great disappointment – as in the final run-in to what promised to be a fantastic season last time round.

    The man was big enough to admit it himself but many United fans are not. There is nothing wrong with players struggling to reach their potential at United.God knows we have had enough of them.

    But 90% of United fans were ‘open’ enough to admit that for all his undoubted class, it just wasn’t happening for Veron. Same with Forlan (although I strongly disagreed with that one myself on the basis he had produced the goods when it really mattered – in games we were struggling in).

    Same for Smith, klebberson and many, many other players throughout both SAF’s and United’s history, who have come to United with a lot of expectation on their shoulders. Some of them never quite get there – despite obvious glimpses of their undoubted talent.

    Don’t dismiss criticism for the sake of defending a player we all understand can be brilliant on his day. I remember a story about the Emperor’s new clothes where no one wanted to be the one who told him he was stark boll*ck naked! We need to be brave enough to admit, and let SAF and Berbatov know, that it is not working out!

  6. Tony says:

    Alezx is wright!
    Let’s face it – United has NO MIDFIELD, no playmaking, no passes…
    At some point of the game Berbatov

    must go back to take the ball PASS IT CORRECTLY!
    BUT then Nani never passes back to him…Fact!
    United has the most selfish, never-passing the ball players!!!
    Nani just receives passes and then shoots. Berbatov stays unmarked in the penalty area and noone passes the ball to him. For some reason the pathetic

    midfielders believe that they should be the ones finnishing the attacks. In this team noone passes the ball to

    Berbatov!!! To him and Rooney and only a few more players, it’s the team that comes first, but the rest care

    only to be “the best players in the world” Nani hate him,because hi play great this season
    and he is the goal scorer of the team! You are not CR
    Nani you dumb selfish ugly You are the one who must fans

    blame until you start pass to Berbatov!!!!
    He is the Number 9 !!!!!
    Whitout midfield United will be in the big 4 but never be the Champion!

  7. Someone says:

    You know what? Even I do not think he will ever make it at MU the way Cantona did, or Ronaldo or any other.BUT – and read this carefully – when he came, there were argentinian flags all over the place.For whom? A guy that clearly wanted to f*ck off somwhere wher he could be the only star and get paid a s*it load of money to score 15 goals from penalties.And when the bulgarian plays badly for United you start your rants-Berbaflop etc.How the hell do you call yourselves MU fans???You were willing to kiss the as* of someone who clearly did not respect the club, the manager and his teammates, yet you try to bash a guy, who accepts all squad rotations without whining.Who takes the option that is best for the team.

    And yet you call yourselves fans.This is what annoys us Berba-lovers the most.You clearly have lost your perspective.

    • Paul says:

      Would rather have kept Tevez than Berb, and how do you know Berb isnt on loads of money? As for respecting team mates, do you go to the home games, he slates his team mates every pass he cant be arsed to move more than two foot for. Fergie had to apologise for taking him off recently because HE IS A WHINING BABY! Go to OT and listen to him pitch side and you will absolutly see that! Berb should drive the bus and stay there.

  8. Twisted Blood says:

    If you’ll excuse a piece of personal trumpetry, I wrote this piece on why he’s great before this season. Since which he’s scored a hat-trick against Liverpool. I adore him.

  9. jonathan says:

    Is there anyone else who will admit that Berbatov is good but could produce better, and that our midfield needs to improve but is not as abject as many are calling it?
    It seems like there is more shouting and extremism taking place here than at a Taliban conference.

  10. Mico says:

    It is no use being critical of any player at United is it? Even as fans such as myself, who have seen players come and go since the 60’s, we don’t know a player from a turnip picker do we? And just let me get his straight, while trying desperately to keep a straight face, Berbatov is crap at United because Nani hates him and no one will pass to him?

    My God, talk about delusional! One minute he’s not crap, the next he is crap because no one will pass to him? It is every single excuse under the sun for some of you.

    Look, I don’t have a thing against Berbatov. I would just love him to turn it on, become an absolute World beater, but he isn’t doing it!

    We played some fantastic stuff for the first 85% of last season. We won the title in his first season! If ever there was a chance for a player to rise to the top of English and World football then Berbatov has had it with United. But he hasn’t taken it. It is not just the last couple of months people are talking about, it is the last two bloody years!

    My thoughts about Forlan by the way do not need justifying again. We all know how limited his opportunities were in most of the games he played – usually the last 10 minutes of a game.

    We all criticised the press at the time for making misleading statements concerning the amount of games he played against goals scored – but here we have so called United fans happily doing the same because they think it helps prove a point.

    As I also said above, Forlan scored some crucial goals coming on as sub, when United were desperately trying to make breakthroughs in important games.

    He is of course he is a legend – which the Forlan bashers also forget – and his name is still sung around OT. He went on to prove his talent emphatically in Spain and on the International stage and would have probably done the same for us if played week-in week-out like Berbatov has been played. SAF keeps in contact with him which shows high regard for the man.

    In fact, ironically, it is probably the ‘mistake’ SAF feels he made in getting shut of Forlan much too early (my own opinion) that is keeping Berbatov’s United career alive. He is probably more apt to give Berbatov every chance.

    But I and many others just do not see him capable of scoring title winning goals for us at the moment – although fantastic effort against the Scousers last time round :)- one of very few 🙁

    • Someone says:

      You are joking yet again. Name me 5 consecutive games for this “week-in, week-out” thing you are talking about?
      And don’t get me wrong – I love the guy(Forlan that is).Shame he did not make it.