Date: 26th November 2010 at 3:00pm
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At the height of ‘Bale Mania’ one of our readers, Rohit, alerted us to a player who he felt was just as good and could be solve our problem on the left (how many of us has called out for an actual left footed left sided player?).

Being that he is now the best player in the world and is like a mix of Ronaldo, Messi and Roberto Carlos buying Tottenham’s Gareth Bale is likely to cost us the GDP of a tiny country and with Glazernomics apparently still an issue we have been looking at cheaper alternatives. It worked with Chris Smalling, Javier Hernandez (the verdict is still out on Bebe but I vote he is the goods) and having watched him I think it could work with PSV’s Balazs Dzsudzsak.

The winger joined PSV in January 2008 and has been flying ever since. Piet de Visser, the scout who brought Romario and Ronaldo to Europe and is currently an adviser to Roman Abramovich, was enamoured with the young Hungarian’s talents stating upon his signing with PSV:

“Dzsudzsak is an incredible talent. He is fast, good in the combination, can pass his man and give a good cross. You don’t see them like this very often anymore. He is a modern left-winger.”

Dzsudzsak is looked at as having the best left foot (his right isn’t too bad either) in the Eredivisie and is as deadly from set pieces as he is from open play. He is quick and tricky using this combination to beats his man in one on one situations before putting crosses into the box on the left but PSV make sure to utilise his attacking talents to the fullest also employing him on the right too where he can cut in off the wing and grab some goals for himself too! Last season he scored 17 goals in all competitions and this season he already has 11 goals to go with his 7 assists.

Dzsudzsak for me has the talent to make it in the PL, he speaks English and already comes with a ringing endorsement from the man that brought both Ronaldo and Romario to Europe.

What do you think?


15 responses to “Video: Could PSV star be a cheaper alternative to Bale?”

  1. Justin10RvN says:

    imo he’s like Nani a few years ago, he’s not consistent yet but is extremely talented and can work towards consistency

  2. carlnorth says:

    As opposed to Nani now who is somewhat talented and massively inconsistent and infuriating

    • Justin10RvN says:

      Nani is one of the more consistent players this year he leads the league in assists, and the only game that he was poor in that i can remember is the Rangers game

  3. jonathan says:

    At best I can only speculate seeing as I don’t have access to Dutch football. However, his stats, especially this season, are incredible and his doing that in a very competive league.
    If he keeps at this rate I think we should sign him soon or else he’ll soon be valued close to Suarez. Naturally gifted true left wingers are a rare and valuable commodity.

  4. vazza says:

    nice find mate. bloody awesome quick Left Foot.
    grab him Fergieee

  5. Tony Montana says:

    The guy looks like he has talent but the standard of the league is completely different to our premier league..In most those assists/goals, the defending just looks absolutely poor. He has so much time on the ball and runs past those defenders easily not because he is highly talented, but the defending is just very poor and it’s a factor why he looks really good. I don’t believe he can pull that standard in the premier league. So in my opinion, he’s not a cheaper alternative to Bale but yet a cheaper alternative to Tosic.

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      I’m pretty sure the same was said about Robben and Van Nistelrooy. I can only provide this recommendation from what I’ve seen. To me he looked the part (caughtmy eyes as he scored on the day I was alerted to him!) but saying that I’m not a scout so I could be looking at the wrong thing.

  6. Tony Montana says:

    If he can prove me wrong, then so be it. Though speaking, he does have talent and I wish him the best in his career.

  7. HÃ¥vard says:

    Michel Bastos

  8. zack says:

    wht about Adel Taarabt? Hes the Spurs reject…currently playing for QPR…i think hes a good prospect with skilfull and strong present…

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      Taarabt is a good player, always highly rated where ever he goes but one of his major problems has always been his attitude/mental.

  9. Zeal says:

    If we have a winger in the side last season who scored 15 goals and 10 assest we would have won the league.Bring him on we need the compitision in the team.

  10. 666rbr says:

    He is my fellow compatriot. I’ve been watching him for ages. He is definitely the biggest thing in Hungarian football for decades, however, as far as I’m concerned he has attitude problems and thus I’m not sure he can fit into the team. Not to mention he wants to play for a La Liga team.