Date:27th November 2010 at 8:31pm
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Watching United’s performance yesterday confirmed what I and all of us knew.

There are some of us who will continue to deny it but Wayne Rooney is our best player. Throughout the whole saga there were many of us who were outraged by what he said and rightly so but what was just as worrying about the whole episode was that Rooney could potentially leave.

Having lost Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo already we still had Wayne Rooney and last season he steped into the void the two created and excelled. His goals were integral and many will point to the wheels coming off the wagon last season when he picked up his ankle injury against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Whilst his 34 goals were integral last season, yesterday he showed exactly what he brings to the team with a stunning performance that ironically was only missing a goal.

United have looked stagnant at times this season, devoid of character and creativity but with Rooney back in the team we shone. It helped that we had a terrible Blackburn team in front of us who allowed us to do what we liked but then again, did they allow us or were we too hot to handle? I’ll go with the latter.

Rooney was immense, he passed the ball immaculately and his vision to pick out team mates was just as good. He linked the play between the the forwards and the midfield and it told as we scored 7 goals. His partnership with Dimitar Berbatov hasn’t always been great but today it was impressive to say the least as they passed, moved and flowed like a seasoned duo. Previously it has looked awkward but today even the biggest sceptic must have been impressed and hold hope for it’s future possibilities. Berbatov’s last scored when he hit that hat trick against Liverpool in September, it’s no coincidence that he had Rooney beside him that day too.

Previously this season he has looked disinterested and as well as unfit but he appears to have shaken that off and as a team we are benefiting from this as his selflessness, determination has driven us forward. There are still some who are totally anti – Rooney but even they won’t be able to refute this.

Ultimately we are a better team with Rooney and if we had lost him, it could have been disastrous.