Date: 3rd December 2010 at 1:54pm
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Talented midfielder Magnus Eikrem has been on the precipice of breaking into the first team this season.

Included in various travelling parties as well as making the bench for Carling Cup games, it appears he is quite close to making that final step. His performances as captain of the reserves have done his chances no harm but as of now he hasn’t quite made that jump.

Eikrem was awarded a 2 year contract in April 2009 which with a fairly simple bit of maths tells you expires next in the summer. With this in mind a Norwegian journo on Twitter ( @RBFlemma ) has brought some interesting quotes from a Norwegian paper in regards to his future from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who will be taking over as manager of Molde, his and Eikrem’s local club as well as Eikrem himself:


“I have worked with him (Magnus) for two years, and he’s a great kid. He has shown great attitude and has made enormous progress. If he does not get a new offer here, he will of course be an interesting player for Molde”


“I’m a United player now and want to be here. I hope they still want me. If it’s not United for me, I’m open to everything but I’m from Molde and has worked extensively with Ole Gunnar. Molde is definitely a good option for me”

“I reckon my future is decided before Christmas. Molde is tempting but I’ve never been so close to the first team as now. I train and travel with some of the biggest players in Europe. That’s still a bit unreal to me”


4 responses to “Some interesting quotes from Solskjaer and Eikrem in regards to his future”

  1. Rohit says:

    It would be injustice on our part not to give this kid a chance..Would be gutted if we let him go without trying out his potential..His passing and vision coupled with his set piece expertise is something the first team really misses at times..

  2. fakrul says:

    offer him a new 2 year deal…. and send him on loan in january… if he does not make it allow him to join molde for free in january 2012

  3. deaz says:

    eikrem and pogba should be given a chance, cant be any worse then carrick.

  4. The Glutten says:

    Ole, I love you man, but keep your stinking mits off!