Date: 8th December 2010 at 12:04pm
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On a night of wasted opportunities and unbroken records, there were essentially some good performances.

I was impressed with both Da Silva and it must have been a Brazilian thing because Anderson was top notch. His directness and powerful running from midfield was a nightmare for our Spanish visitors.

Rooney was lively and looked to be everywhere on the pitch. Had his curling effort gone in instead of hitting the crossbar, it would have been one of the best goals I had seen with my own eyes but that’s life and he will get amongst the goals soon.

But who of our players is your man of the match?

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4 responses to “Poll: Your man of the match vs Valencia”

  1. kiwwi says:

    Anderson son son,
    He’s better than Kleberson,
    Anderson son son,
    He’s our midfield magician…

    To the left; to the right,
    To the samba beat all the night,
    He is class with a brass,
    And he shits on Fabregas!

  2. timbo says:

    Typical one-eyed bull regarding Rooney. He hits the cross bar, missing yet again, and the shot is lauded as one of the all time great misses. Berbatov gets a near miss, or his shots on target stopped by the goalie, and he’s written off as a failure again, or for being inconsistent. How many goals has each player scored so far this season from general play, particularly given that Rooney has managed to put in over half as many minutes as the Bulgarian?

  3. jonathan says:

    I have to say, I’d LOVE it if Anderson gets the start against Arsenal. The obvious reasons are his current form and that he’d probably mark Nasri out of the game. However, my main hope is to parallel from last year when another of our players make a definitive mark in turning their career around against the Gunners in December.

    Of course I’m refering to Nani’s performance last year against Arsenal and every one has been hoping it was Anderson’s turn to replicate that this year. It would be poetic for it to happen in such a fashion given that they both arrived at the same time and didn’t meet inital expectations by most. Nani however has gone from strength to strength since tearing apart Arsenal in Dec ’09, and what a story it would be for it to be Anderson’s chapter in Dec 2010.

  4. Ryan says:

    As usual, i agree with Jonathan. Please get Anderson in the middle with scholes vs Arsenal and let him go forward, hopefully on runs like he did vs valencia. (though you know fergie will fit fletcher in there somewhere..)Nani and Park on the wings, Rooney and Berbatov up front and it should be a good result vs that questionable back 4 for the gunners… ALSO – i see what Timbo is saying regarding criticism to berbatov, but what was so impressive to me about rooney last match was not only his running and fitness, but his touch – setting up berbatov and park with measured passes, and i also loves the way he can spread the ball wide. I know he had a terrific season last year with all is goals, which were key, but i truly think his unselfishness and passing is so key to when we really play best. (his setting up Ronaldo for years was massive) Ok im going to watch hilights from the CL champions league game from ’09 and smile in preparation..