Date:10th December 2010 at 9:02am
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Having beaten Arsenal comprehensively in the second leg of Champions League semi finals in 2009, Patrice Evra famously declared that the game was ‘like men versus boys’.

This was indeed true, we battered them, made their fans put down those silly flags and trot off home after about 55 minutes of the game but Arsenal’s players didn’t take too kindly to Evra’s words.

The next time we played them, which coincidentally happened to be just over a  week later, he was singled out for special rough treatment by Arsenal players kicked all over the pitch. But Evra is tough man (and slightly crazy) as he has again unleashed a cutting attack on the team Nani claimed were ‘our biggest title rivals’.

Speaking on French TV station Canal+, the French left back said:

“In my opinion, Arsenal is just an Academy. I watch their games, they’re a pleasure to watch, but will they win a title? That’s what people remember. In 10 years, nobody will remember of them.

“Arsenal is a great Club, they didn’t win a trophy for 5 years, it’s a crisis in my opinion. People always think about the ‘Arsenal way of playing’, but at the end, there’s nothing.

“We can lose 13-0 against them, but at the end what happen? Nothing. No trophy, no nothing.”

but Evra wasn’t done, he went on to further discredit Wenger’s side by saying:

“We only watch out for Chelsea’s results, not Arsenal, even though Arsenal is a great team, which can win against Chelsea, against us, against anybody.

“When we play Arsenal, we enjoy it. It’s a team who play football, they won’t go at Old Trafford to play in their own box.

“The difference is that we play good football but we’ve got physical power as well. Sometimes they don’t manage to kill the games, and we are more clinical.”

I personally think despite being very very harsh there is an element of truth in what he said and as he said, it is his opinion which he is entitled to.

With that being said Pat, on Monday I hope you come with a kevlar vest, an NFL style helmet a cup and all other types of protection as it is likely he will be targeted again.

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