Date: 12th December 2010 at 11:48am
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From when he left United to join Man City, it was obvious the Carlos Tevez story would have a massive conclusion.

For ages he had been talking of being homesick and being disillusioned with the game but him handing in a transfer request is still a shock.

It wasn’t too long ago one of our own did the same and the first people there to point and laugh where City fans. They boasted of having a Rooney/Tevez front line but whilst we had the likes of Sir Alex to try and solve the problem Bobby Manc doesn’t seem to garner the same respect from his players.

Well as they were quick to try and ridicule our situation I thought I would have a snoop around City forum Blue Moon to gauge the feeling. Sick, deluded and hilarious are just some of the words that could be used…

I’m more worried than that.
We played the worst club in the PL today. No decent club will allow Yaya Toure acres of space like that, and then oblige him to run around the last man back.
How often will he repeat that performance?
Frankly I think we’re f*cked. Our sole striker option is now a 20-year-old Italian who has mental issues and is constantly at risk of being sent off.

It gets better…

He can go. Tell you what I’d say to him:

“Hi Carlos, you hand it in, and you’re banished from property used by the club, you’re also fined your wages every week, and you’re not moving to an English club, and if you move to Real we’ll only sell you if we get Higuain and Ronaldo, if it’s Barca we want Messi and Villa, otherwise you can rot.”

Sick of his attitude, why can’t the Sheikh just get a henchman to put a bullet through Kia’s head? would solve everything.
Carlos, you’re a fool, and you’ll be shown up to be. We’re bigger than you, better than you and will carry on regardless and still win like we did today.
You, on the other hand will warm a bench somewhere.
Good luck. Now either grow up and be grateful for what you’ve got and f*ck Kia off, or f*ck off. Plain and simple.

Now whilst we could say no player is bigger than the club during the whole Rooney thing, I really don’t think they can.  Maybe he’ll perform a u-turn but the writing has been on the wall for City for a long time and maybe this will finally prove to them that you can spend as much as you want on players but you can’t really buy a team.

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2 responses to “Carlos Tevez, we hardly knew ye: Just how do City fans feel about this?”

  1. Pez says:

    Lets think about it, Rooney wanted to leave United I thought get rid of him, I still don’t want him playing for us as it is against the values of Manchester United, which at the end of the day is the most important thing. I believe you should always look at what is in the interest of both parties but only do a deal if it is with in the tradition of the club.

    Tevez should be allowed to go otherwise you’ll end up with a situation like Spurs had with Berbatov, a star player who wants to join a bigger club (Tevez is clearly not homesick, he just wants to play and win trophies.) what can you do? not play him? for what it’s worth you may as well sell him.

    I was gutted when he left us and it’s clear for every one to see he is a man with no sense of loyalty, you knew that when he joined you. So don’t be shocked that he’s after leaving in search of a better club, even if he does go to Boca Juniors how long will it be before he thinks actually I could join Real Madrid, Barcelona or Chelsea and win the Champions League. Face it every player wants to win things and play at the highest level, which if we’re honest Carlos deserves to play at he is a terrific player who could get into any team in the world, maybe he might struggle at Barca but even so he is still a top top player.

    In my mind City should cash in on him while they can and bring in a player who wants to play for them, I would rule out Real Madrid offering £30 million plus Benzema for him.

    • jonathan says:

      I think you’re dead on there. The Real move is quite likely, though if Benzema contines to show improvement they may think twice…but it would’nt stop them from buying Tevez anyways. Excess is clearly a foreign concept with Real.

      I though the same thing, essentially pull a Robinho and say how happy you are to be home for a few months and then go to either Spain or Italy.