Date: 16th December 2010 at 1:22pm
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So before the Arsenal match all the noise was about Patrice Evra’s comments to French TV station Canal, his words clearly didn’t sit well in the north of London as they attempted to prove they were big boys with a rougher brand of football that would have had Wenger exclaiming “sacré bleu” had it been the other way around.

Sadly amidst all their fouls they forgot to play football and we handily beat them and pretty much confirmed what Evra said thus leading him to return, albeit with a slightly more humble tone:

“I think we confirmed what I’d said before the match. I think Arsenal played really well, you shouldn’t neglect that, but we were better – I really say that without any arrogance. I heard people saying that what I said was below the belt, but that wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to show how much I believe in my team, in their potential and strength.”

“We know Arsenal and we know that if you don’t let them breathe, which is what the coach said before the match, then it becomes hard for them – especially at Old Trafford. United always show up for the big games. Arsenal enjoyed a lot of possession but only had one chance. I think our victory was really deserved, it didn’t boil down to small details. But people will have a go at me again for saying what I think.”

Whilst it is great he has cleared up the context of his comments as I know a few United fans, like the Gooners, were annoyed, I doubt this will do anything to ease Evra-Arsenal relations but somehow I don’t think Evra will be too bothered!


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