Date:19th December 2010 at 3:18pm
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On Friday night rumours of a £1.5bn Qatari takeover of Manchester United first emerged.

It was said that the Qatari government’s official investment group were seriously considering taking over Manchester United Football Club, of course there are always rumours abound around the club. As Manchester United we sell papers, people will always be interested in players being linked with us and with everything that has happened with the Green & Gold movement and the Glazers, a takeover rumour will always be big.

Earlier this month there was talk of the club being taken over by Epsom and that did big news so talk of a Qatari takeover will especially make waves. The country has just been awarded the 2022 World Cup and there had been claims that the Qataris were behind the Glazers paying off the PIK loans but would you take them at the club?

I’ve come across mixed opinions in regards to this, some are sceptical abut having new Arab owners and wonder what will happen if they suddenly become bored of the club. Being a plaything is never an option for a club as big as United and as City and Chelsea may find out in the future, when the owner decides to withdraw you’ll be up the creek with no paddle. Qatar’s involvement in football has grown in recent weeks after they were awarded the World Cup, it was felt that FIFA awarded them the competition to make the sport a more marketable entity in the Middle East and the World Cup, their ground breaking shirt deal with Barcelona and potentially owning the biggest club in the world will do just that but after the 2022 World Cup what happens?

That being said, surely it must be better than the Glazers? The Americans have saddled the club with debt and whilst they paid off the PIK loans they are yet to say how they did so. They are said to have been hit by the recession especially bad so how do they intend on continually solving the financial problems that we have? Will it involve selling off our assets? That is something nobody wants to see.

The devil you know vs the devil you don’t?

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