Date: 20th December 2010 at 11:02am
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So not content with being embarrassed by United and Evra’s comments last Monday, Samir Nasri wants to compound this by talking rubbish after?

Speaking to The Sun the Frenchman decided to go on his own little rant and came off sounding a tad bitter if you ask me:

“I think the title is definitely within our reach, for a start, United were supposed to play against Chelsea and I couldn’t see them winning that. I also think their game in hand isn’t a foregone conclusion because winning at Blackpool is not easy.”

Firstly is he talking about the same Arsenal who we had just beaten being within reach of the title? The same Arsenal who have lost 5 games?

And when did he become an authority in beating Chelsea?

In his time at Arsenal, he has played Chelsea 6 times and won just once and that was over 2 and a half years ago! The fact we are unbeaten and Chelsea are going through a rough patch must count for nothing I guess?

I think Samir is a decent player but really shouldn’t talk on matter that are beyond his concern such as how good United are, we’ve shown his team specifically how good we are on numerous occasions and even this Monday with all the talk of how well he would do he was quite as a church mouse!

Less talk from you Samir please!

With the snow ruining the fixtures this weekend, looks like we will have to wait until the Sunderland game on Boxing Day (if it goes ahead!) to play Pick Live, real time fantasy football. If you want to join us sign up here.


8 responses to “I’m sorry but who asked you Nasri?”

  1. Andromeda says:

    Nasri should have more concerns when they meet Chelsea this weekend , Chelsea will now seek for something special …..and guess who is the victim Nasri , your pals lol

  2. Kings says:

    The guy is a doughnut who has a very high opinion of himself. He like Bale will need to ask Rafael’s permission before he plays for his club side – he will need to let them out of his pocket. Rafael’s going to need bigger pockets to accommodate all these overhyped players that he has successfully dealt with. Oh yes, you can add Tevez to that list too.

    • "kings" of fail says:

      Rafael is one of the worst players in the prem and i cannot bleive you think nasri cant slap him silly, your clearly clueless. Have you even watched the premier league this season??

      This is why people like you dont even deserve an opinion because it is completely biased.

      Nasri has just won French player of the season and has 12 goals this season already… kind of speaks for itself. what has rafael done…. oh yeah NOTHING and he never will, United are lucky and and deserve to win it this season. i beleive G.Neveile is a better plasyer than rafael and hes knocking on the door of retirement.

    • WOW man says:

      Nasri isnt a doughnut its called banter you un logical ponce…

      rafael really? seriously man you fail! i dont even need to explain.

  3. WOW man says:

    “who asked you nasri” ermmm… i would of thought it would have been the reporter! fail

  4. Er det kåret noen vinner i denne konkurransen?