Manchester United’s most significant moments in 2010

Rooney injures his ankle against Bayern Munich

Pretty much the point where our season went wrong, Wayne Rooney had been on fire up to this point and had gotten us off to a flier in the Allianz Arena but as the game turned things went from bad to worse as Rooney did his ankle and we lost the game (and eventually the tie).

Rooney would miss the crunch match with Chelsea but was rushed back, apparantly too early, and he failed to recapture his hot form prior to the ankle injury for the rest of the season.

The draw with Blackburn

A terribly frustrating afternoon and the moment for me that we lost the title. Losing to Burnley at the start of the season was bad but the manner in which Blackburn held us was a bitter pill to swallow especially as Chelsea didn’t exactly go on a marauding run to claim the title.

In Rooney’s injury enforced absence it was left to Berbatov to lead the line and he unfortunately wasn’t able to get the job done although it would have been some story had ‘Mr Manchester United’, Gary Neville put his chance in!

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