Date: 1st January 2011 at 2:50pm
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It’s often said that footballer’s aren’t the brightest of people.

Clarke Carlisle has tried his best to redeem his footballing brethren with his appearance on Countdown but it will take a lot more than that to dispel this notion especially with the likes of Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny has free speech!

After a decent performance against United it appears the keeper has grown a pair and feels the need to let everyone know this as after the Gary Neville penalty incident today decided to tweet this:

How can you not get frustrated with decitions like that going ALWAYS Man Utds way?! Its a clear pen and sending off!

Now I’ll be the first to say that was a penalty and a red card but when did Szczesny become Mr. Fair Play?

On Tuesday night I didn’t see him jump to our defence after Birmingham’s equaliser, the same way I haven’t seen him jump up and chastise Chamakh for diving to win penalties.

I don’t mind the airing of an opinion but be clear and consistent across the board rather than only when it suits your point!


9 responses to “Wenger would do well to keep his dog on a lead”

  1. Dave says:

    indeed, neville shouldnt be playing for us he has seemed lost in his last 2 games.

    the pens got evened out in the end anyway.

  2. Chudi Onwuazor says:

    True didn’t see Chesney tweet that we should have had a penalty though? Strange that!

  3. jack says:

    no one can deny man utd were lucky today.extremely lucky

  4. daniel says:

    man u do get decisions there way then any other team in the PL. Look back at the last several games with arsenal vs man u and then see why arsenal players have complained about refereeing decisions. Not saying man u didnt deserve these results, but they defentley got alot of help.

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      So are we just going to ignore Arsenal players’ continual fouling in these games? In 08/09 at Old Trafford Evra was singled out nothing was done, this season all I will point to is the foul on Fletcher where nothing was done.

      Ref decisions in Arsenal/United games are just as benefitial to Arsenal as they are United.

  5. Ramone says:

    this hands down the most irrelevant article ive ever read. you just agreed with schezeny and u criticize him for voicing his opinion like he’s not supposed to have one.
    of course he’s not gonna be behind man u. a lot of big decisions go man u’s way so he didn’t feel an injustice after that occured!

    • Chudi Onwuazor says:

      Most irrelevant Ramone? It appears a village somewhere has lost it’s idiot.
      I guess Birmingham’s controversial late goal on Tuesday has slipped your mind?
      it is very relevant as he spoke of decisions going United’s way when just days earlier we were robbed of a victory.

      As I said if he isn’t going to be consistent then he may as well keep schtum as I didn’t see him jump up and talk about Thomas’ handball.
      It was just a petty Arsenal player airing his grievances.

      Happy to have cleared this up for you 🙂

      • jonathan says:

        Thank you Chudi! Virtually everyone agrees that Neville fouled him, but no one is talking about Thomas’ blatant and intentional handball.

        The two cancel each other out, so a win is a fair result. Let’s hope we play better on Tuesday though.

  6. Yashi says:

    That’s a brilliant pic by the way!