Date: 4th January 2011 at 12:09pm
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As a Scouser, who played for Liverpool and writing for a Liverpool based newspaper I didn’t expect John Aldridge to be impartial.

This is the same guy that said Nani is the most devious player in the league after he scored that goal against Spurs and that it was one of ‘the most dreadful acts he has seen’ so of course with Liverpool about to visit Old Trafford on Sunday in the FA Cup there was of course some stupid comment to come:

I know Manchester United are top of the Premier League but I honestly don’t think Liverpool have anything to fear at Old Trafford in the FA Cup on Sunday.

United aren’t the force they were and I can’t believe they have gone into 2011 still unbeaten. We showed at Old Trafford back in September that United are vulnerable.

We can’t just sit back on Sunday, we have to get at them. I firmly believe United are going to hit a rough patch. They are no great shakes and we have the chance to prove that.

Much is made of the fact that playing United has lost its fear factor but that being said he must be spending all his time watching United and ignoring his beloved Liverpool. This could be Liverpool’s worst side ever and the fact that they are struggling so under Roy Hodgson kind of evens things out wouldn’t you say John?

He can’t believe United are still unbeaten as we have been so poor but I always though winning when not playing well was the signs of a team made of stronger stuff?

He spoke of United being vulnerable back in September but there is the argument killer right there – back in September. A starting line up that includes O’Shea and Evans in defence isn’t our strongest and if Ferdinand and Rafael play as expected I don’t see us being as ‘vulnerable’ as Aldridge proclaims.

His crystal ball has told him that United will hit a rough patch soon, I wonder why it didn’t tell him Liverpool would be going to the dogs?

There is so much wrong with this but as I said did you really expect him to give a fair and balanced view?


5 responses to “John Aldridge and his crystal ball”

  1. Damien Keane says:

    Aldridge knows nothing about football. Blind scouse prick can’t see the wood for the trees.

  2. Paul Tanner says:

    john aldridge talks crap, utd dont have a on fire rooney as of yet and torres will want out of anfield come the summer along with lfc goalkeeper

  3. jonathan says:

    What an idiot. You made a good point that before even looking at the opposition, just examining his on club first, they have much to fear regardless of who they play.
    As you mentioned, our squad is much stronger than it was in October and even then we thoroughly outplayed them as they scored on their only two chances – and still lost.

  4. The Glutten says:

    His comments don’t scan whether you read them forwards, backwards or upside-down.

  5. Yosh says:

    delusional pops to mind for some weird reason.