Date: 14th January 2011 at 11:30am
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After wrecking that beauty of an Audi R8 in the summer Anderson has splashed out in a Mercedes SLS AMG.

With Gull wing doors, Ando looks like our very own tubby James Bond hoping in and out of this thing. It is capable of doing up to 197mph and goes from 0-100 in 3.8 seconds but that doesn’t matter because he won’t dream of doing speeds like this!

A quick look on the Mercedes website shows an on the road price of £168,345.00 so he paid a fair bit for it, further reason for him to take extra care.


4 responses to “PICTURE: Slow down this time Ando”

  1. Dunc says:

    The following may seem petty….

    You say it’s capable of 197mph, then state its 0-100 is 3.8seconds.

    As you were using mph, most people will assume the 0-100 is mph aswell.

    This is not the case, I’m sure you mean 0-100kph, and even then I think it’s 3.7.

  2. Kings says:

    Showing good form on the pitch the boy. Keep up the good work Ando.

  3. Ando says: