Date: 16th January 2011 at 1:35pm
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In this blogging game you come across a ton of things  to plug, from books to bookies everyone has something for you to promote.

Personally I’m a fan of quality over quantity so when a guy approached me about  Luke Chadwick’s cosmetic line not only did I ignore his emails and phonecalls, I changed my contact details and my name by deed poll!

Whilst not everything may be worth my time or efforts, these lot seem to be onto something.

PickLive is an ‘in play’ Fantasy Football Game, but unlike normal Fantasy games, it’s in bite size pieces with game’s running for  5 minutes periods. I’ve tried it and it’s addictive.

It’s not hard but you can do some reading up on it yourself with a DEMO, a ‘How To Play’ GUIDE, an explanation of the SCORING SYSTEM and some Media FAWNING.

I’ve managed to secure some free credit for myself and you lot so why not give it a try here?

I’ll be up against Totteham blog Harry Hotspur tonight and they’ve said some very nasty things about us so lets stuff them and their team!


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