Date: 19th January 2011 at 12:30pm
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With United taking on West Ham in the FA Youth Cup tonight I thought this would be an interesting piece, there are some obvious omissions that I’m sure will be pointed out in the comments but an interesting read nevertheless.

6. Bebe: Age 20; Recommended to Sir Alex by former United coach Carlos Queiroz, the Portuguese winger signed for The Reds in the summer of last year for £7.4m.

Already a goal in the Champions League to his name, Bebe boasts electric pace, good positioning and strength which could see him emulate fellow countryman, Luis Nani. Don’t expect the next Cristiano Ronaldo, though.

5. Tom Cleverley: Age 21; Clever by name, clever by nature. Ok, that was cheesy but this lad is the real deal.

After a successful spell on loan at Watford last season, the midfielder has joined Wigan to prove he can mix it with the Premier League’s big boys.

A box of tricks up his sleeve and an established England U-21 international, expect ‘Clevers’ to be knocking on the first-team door next season.

4. Danny Welbeck: Age 20; Local boy Welbeck has already tasted the big time by playing an integral part in United winning the League Cup back in 2008/09.

A little rough around the edges, Fergie has sent him out on loan to Sunderland and it has paid dividents. He took a little while to find his feet at first but performances against Chelsea and Everton have proved he’s months, not years, away from a place in the Red Devils starting XI.

3. Javier Hernandez: Age 22; Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Chicharito? He’s young, he’s pacey and most of all, he just loves playing football.

It’s hard to believe it’s the young Mexican’s first season in the Premier League. The striker has certainly played his part in United’s unbeaten run so far, especially with the off the pitch antics surrounding Wayne Rooney.

Two key goals against Stoke City tell you all you need to know about this potential world-beater.

2. Ravel Morrison: Age 17; Talk of this lad has been the stuff of myths rather than legends at Old Trafford but comparisons with a certain Ryan Giggs will only add fuel to the fire.

Fiery pace, step-overs and a great delivery, Morrison is everything you could want from a winger. Despite his rumoured attitude problem, expect the watchful eye of Alex Ferguson to reign down upon him and put him in his place.

1. Jack Barmby: Age 16; The token wildcard in the list, young Jack’s father is the former Everton and Liverpool midfielder Nick Barmby – who made 23 caps for England.

The Red Devils wrestled Hull City for the youngster last year and he has already netted 2 goals in his 4 U-16 England caps.

Currently working hard in United’s U-18s, the tricky midfielder will look to benefit from the guidance of Cleverley and Bebe in the next few years.

This piece comes courtesy of Rob Morris from ‘Clean Sheets All Around‘ an alternative football site so check them out for both on and off field football matters


29 responses to “6 players that may represent the future of Manchester United”

  1. spoon says:

    United fans should be aware of all those players anyway, so why not focus on the ones that are clearly part of the first team setup, or will be shortly? The only exception being Barmby.

    It’s too early to tell if the other players mentioned by various posters will actually surface as first team potential yet, the others all are or have done at some point.

    What would be daft is saying that Will Keane represents the future of United, only for him to leave for £200,000 to Huddersfield after a successful loan period next year.

  2. Jack says:

    everyone has different opinions on who they think will make it, but these 6 do look promising, good article

  3. Quinndog says:

    After reading the off field troubles of morrison and the fact he could be released he may be counted out!hope he sorts his private life out as the boy has the world at his feet and would hate us to let him go and come back and haunt us for another club!

  4. i can not agree with this article because the players you montioned are not the future of man united we need new players like alex sanchez,bastos,henderson,danny welback,nani,refael,this six players will represent man united future

    • Chudi says:

      Transfer Muppet!
      Of the 6 players you mentioned only 3 play for us. Unless you have a crystal ball and can tell me we will sign these players then they can’t be included in the list.

    • Red Mick says:

      Yeah and Messi and CR7 back and Kaka and …., this is the future…..! Stop being daft!!

  5. CP says:

    Amazing that people still question the manager with regards to young players. When has he ever got it wrong?

  6. theodore says:

    … paul pogba ? … he is the one that the next manchester united teams will be built around … so, wise up people …

  7. Serial Chanter says:


    Are you serious, we have seen enough of this lad to know he is not the future. He can’t run without looking down at the ball. Shades of “George Weah’s Cousin” who turned up at Ewood Park some years back . . . only difference is, they didn’t put him on the pitch.

    And to all those who say Fergie has never got it wrong – granted a lot of the time he has. Here are some of the times he has.

    Blanc (Finished when he got to OT)
    Going back further you have the likes of
    Phelan (Bloody hell we are still stuck with him!)

    Combine that with the fact the likes of Evans & Gibson are being touted as the future when I wouldn’t have them in my Flexi-Football Saturday Morning team shows that Fergie does get it wrong SOMETIMES.

    Not to take away that the vast majority of his acquisitions are top class.

  8. dresses says:

    I guess, it comes down to 4784 simple choice!