Date: 20th January 2011 at 1:04pm
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Transfer rumours get reads and sell papers, January is always a hot month and you’ll notice every player and their agent suddenly becomes Jerry Springer, having something to say.

I have no problem with that but I’m partial to a bit of football gossip like everyone but if you are going to do it at least make it coherent!

The latest person looking to jump ship according to the papers is Patrice Evra, this has been a favourite rumour of the red tops for ages and a move to Spain (where else?) has been mentioned. Building off of this, it has allowed the papers to link us with Leighton Baines as well as Benfica’s Fabio Coentrao, thus from one rumour you attract not only the interest of United fans but also Real, Benfica and Everton fans but am I the only person that sees a problem with this?

About 15 days ago, Evra’s agent Federico Pastorello distanced him from a move away from the club stating:

“There is definitely no truth in a move away from United. He is very happy at United and is excited about how well the season is going. We will talk in the summer. Patrice is focused on United.”

So I’m a tad confused here, what has happened in this spell of time to make Evra reconsider his position?

Since then we have played twice beating our rivals Liverpool as well as taking a point away from Spurs and Evra played both games. I am unaware of a bust up behind the scenes or anything like that so I’m guessing that either our Pat has suddenly become schizophrenic or the papers are telling fibs.

Evra may be a little off the wall but I don’t think it is anything that needs medication or requires us to call the men in white coats so I think we know what the problem is here!


6 responses to “Someone is telling porkies!”

  1. Stuart Stow says:

    Lets just hope he’s not leaving.He’s let us believe from his comments over the years that he’s become to have Man Utd in his blood.

  2. Manchester is Red says:

    Typical media rubbish, they got nothing to write abaout/ or don’t want to write about anything else, all the garbage ever does is target our players.

    Evra has made it clear he wouldn’t leave Utd, typical media jealous of the world’s biggest and most feared club.

    Why don’t they target torres/ drogba/ fabregas- 3 players who want out o the current clubs they at…no it’s always us.

    Real “wish we were Man United” Madrid had’nt got a chance, the lil madrid side never makes stars, always stealing them from elsewehere…bitter jealous lil spanish club will never be as big as United.

    Anyways, it will take atleast £60m just to get Utd’s attention if they want the best left-back in the world.

  3. OAJP24 says:

    Glad you picked this up Chudi – one of the most irritating rumours out there.

    They have tried Rooney, Vida, Rio, etc over the years guess it is just Paddy’s turn.

    Perhaps next Berba if he keeps his form up surely he fancies the fascists

  4. I think Evra will stay as he respects the club and realises what an honour it is to play for United over the last five years.
    Visit my blog for more on this.

  5. jonathan says:

    Better yet, there’s already been rumours that Barca want Rafael because of his potential and are allegedly at loggerheads in contract talkes with Alves.
    Yes, I’m sure we’ll turn over a player whom we’ve worked on for a few years, is now coming into fabulous form and has no one competing for his spot on the team.

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