Date:23rd January 2011 at 9:16pm
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There will be some that might manipulate this conversation between Andy Gray and Richard Keys because of envy or plain old fashioned spite. They are after all hardly ‘popular’ individuals.

Last year they were caught having a go at Theo Walcott and whilst as pundits they are well within their rights to discuss a player, I think this time they have cross the boundary.

The reason I’m publishing then is people, irrespective of their sex, sexual orientation, colour or creed are entitled in the workplace to be dealt with in a courteous and appropriate manner. Just because it’s telly, it doesn’t mean you can somehow ‘get away’ with more than you could on the ‘shop floor’.

Sian Massey the female assistant didn’t get the job by chance and it is really ignorant to make such snide cracks. This isn’t about being PC, it’s about being fair. Should they be fired?

I’d certainly like them to apologise live on air to Sian Massey.

Here is the audio file HERE. And the OFCOM Tell Us Page is HERE.

So what do you think? Should they be sacked, made to apologise on air or *if you live in the stone ages* do you think they are right?

Let us know!

Thanks to Escapini over at the Football Transfer Tavern for raising this very important issue – Ed.