Date: 3rd February 2011 at 7:11pm
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Having made the announcement yesterday, sat down and spoke with MUTV today to talk about his decision to retire.

The ever reliable right back spoke of how he came about the decision and the process of making it including discussing it with both as well as team mates and Paul Scholes.

The decision although expected came as a shock, even more so as he chose to retire with immediate effect. Many would have thought that he would at least wait until the end of the season so he also explained why he made that decision:

I don’t think it’s a low-key way to go; you can write scripts, but the reality is that life doesn’t happen like that. In the perfect world, of course, I’d have walked off having lifted the championship at the end of the season. But that’s not reality. That’s not real life. Things happen in life at moments in which you wish they wouldn’t. But I can’t look back and believe that there is a bad way to go. After everything that’s happened, it is what it is.

The answer is typifies Neville for me in that there is no glamorisation, instead we are faced with reality. Neville is a s real as it gets in the sense that he is a fan of the team he played for and wasn’t going to water it down or be apologetic for this. Some people are ‘diplomatic’ in that they don’t want to step on ties thus mask their feelings etc but with Neville you knew what it was.

The full interview can be read here on the club’s official website and part 2 will be available to read tomorrow.