Date: 4th February 2011 at 8:07pm
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With all the mayhem in the past transfer window it was always going to be interesting to hear Sir Alex’s take on it.

United were linked with Blackpool’s Charlie Adam on the final day and it was said that we had matched Liverpool’s fee but Fergie dispelled this saying:

‘I spoke to Ian Holloway about Charlie…we wouldn’t be interested in doing business just now of that type of player. I think Charlie Adam’s a terrific footballer but I think Blackpool have done the right thing to keep him because they really need him to stay in the division’

In the interview with MUTV, Sir Alex went on to claim that he did have his eye on a player:

‘We tried to do some business with another one but it wasn’t going to happen..but we kept it quiet.’

Chelsea paying £50m for Fernando Torres and Liverpool paying a whooping £35m for Andy Carroll didn’t surprise Sir Alex who said that the prices were going to be inflated when Aston Villa paid £18m rising to £24m for Darren Bent.

Makes you wonder who the player he tried going for is?


14 responses to “Sir Alex speaks on Charlie Adam and the activity in the transfer window”

  1. ManUtd #1 says:

    Does make you wonder.

  2. ManUtd #1 says:

    I will add that Charie Adam is not good enough for Manchester United, the fees for Torres (£50m), Carroll (£35m), Bent (£18 rising to 24m), Dzeko (£27m), Luiz (£21m) are all inflated prices. Their more accurate prices have to be Torres £15-20m for being an injury prone flop this past year who has contributed nothing, Carroll £10m, Bent £10-15m, Dzeko £15-20m, Luiz £10-15m.

  3. Sam says:

    Have to agree with the figures quoted by ManUtd#1

    Chelski were desperate for new blood, the scousers were like Gary Glitter in Mothercare “i’ll take that one please and bugger the cost”

  4. ManUtd #1 says:

    The whole Morata thing is rubbish, Fergie has hinted it was several weeks ago and a midfielder.

  5. jk says:

    Seems like you mancs are a little jealous that you yet again failed to invest!

    Torres a flop? Top goalscorer in the prem since 2007 65goals? Ill take that flop anyday!

    How much did you pay for Rooney again at such a young age??

  6. ManUtd #1 says:

    Jk – we are jealous of nothing, we are Manchester United, the worlds biggest club and will never be jealous of anyone. We didnt fail to invest, dont have to as we have the best squad in the League and thats the truth. Rooney was £27m, Torres is a flop and thats a fact as he was bought to win trophies to which he failed before helping the decline and suffering 2yrs of injuries, £50m? ha, not even worth £20m.

  7. Wev says:

    Nice one ManUtd#1 you tell that sad bin dipper! Lol

  8. ManUtd #1 (Chicharito is a future ManUtd legend) says:

    You want a real superstar, look no further than Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez. 11gls in 26gms, scored in all competitions already and this is his first season in England, won the Community Shield (he scored), took the 2010 World Cup by storm playing for Mexico, was the talismatic leader of Chivas in Mexico, Mexico’s star player and leader of the next generation, he’s that good he has been compared to Solskjare, Law, St John, Owen and Sanchez. Chicharito is a world class superstar, a true £50m hitman.

  9. ManUtd #1 (Chicharito is a future ManUtd legend) says:

    Torres bought by Liverpool for £25m to win trophies – scored alot of goals yes but didnt win anything, suffered injuries and helped the decline of Liverpool worsen aswell as contributing very little to Spains Euro 08/World Cup 10 victories. Chicharito bought for £6m to help maintain the success of United for years to come – already helped win the C/Shield, scored some vital goals, been absolutely amazing and still only 22 with an incredibly bright future here at Manchester United and is Mexico’s star.