Date:15th February 2011 at 10:23am
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For all their wonderful football, those guys at Barcelona are really an unsavoury bunch.

During the summer I commended Arsenal for staving off Barcelona’s advances for Cesc Fabregas despite one of the most blatant cases of tapping up I or anyone has every seen. It seemed everyone at the club had an opinion on the midfielder all sharing the same point that Cesc wanted and should be allowed to return to Barcelona.

Of course he didn’t and as of this moment is still an Arsenal player but it looks like the Catalonians are still on the trail of the midfielder after Joan Laporta’s recent and most arrogant comments:

“I would have liked it if Cesc came to Barca in the way Pique came, he ­abandoned Manchester United, making it clear he was going to Barca. He and Cesc are players that were formed here. The English come here to do fishing. They came to fish for Pique and Cesc. It’s an issue of justice, we now want to recover them.”

As far as I’m aware Pique didn’t abandon Manchester United, the defender felt chances would be hard to come by with both Rio and Vidic here so asked to be allowed to leave and Sir Alex complied. He has been nothing but complimentary when speaking of Sir Alex and the club so this new version of events that Laporta has concocted is not only false but insulting to a club like Manchester United.

I used to hear people say they disliked Barca and I didn’t understand why but slowly I’m beginning to see it, Laporta may no longer be involved in the club in an official capacity but his views echo current president Sandro Rosell’s, who he brought to the club when he became president.

I would like to hope that Barcelona isn’t actually as arrogant a club as they are seeming but I am seeing no reason as to believe otherwise.