Date: 6th March 2011 at 3:45pm
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Amidst the melee following Rafael’s challenge on Lucas at the end of the first half, things got a bit hairy.

Players weighed in chests puffed out to get involved in the fracas but there is always one sneaky rat.

You have to hold your hands up and say Suarez had our defence up for Kuyt’s first but for the good there is bad and he showed his true colours later on by yanking Rafael’s hair.

Well he has previous so why are we surprised?


148 responses to “Picture: Good to see Suarez is still a dirty cheat”

  1. Michael Jackson says:

    Nani are you o.k?
    Are you o.k?
    Are you o.k Nani?
    You’ve been hit by,
    You’ve been struck by,

  2. The Govan tramp says:


  3. DAN says:


  4. 7masters says:

    Suarez behaved badly there no doubt plus I know his goaline ball handling in WC…..But boy Rafael is crazy and need to be calm. He thinks he is tough but honestly it allows players to provoke him for Red Card, I think Gary Nevin need to coach these boy….and that coming from a gooner is rare. But Fabio is in fact much better player and should take his time to build up and mature. Rafael I am afraid is goner cost United more than Champion League last yeart Etc.

  5. davidbn says:

    I started watching EPL ten years ago. I saw a couple games and decided it was far more exciting than American sports. I saw two Man U games and 1 Liverpool game. After the LFC game I knew I had found my team…for two reasons. They play with passion and they hate Manchester United. How anyone could possibly love a team of utter douche bags and cry babies is beyond me. The manager, players and especially fans are all the sorest losers I’ve ever encountered in world sport. That these scum could write comments about Carragher when Rooney shouldn’t have been playing is laughable. At least Carragher apologised to that pussy. You lost today. Are any Manure fans capable of saying “you earned it”? I was expecting Whiskey Nose Ferguson to say how Man U deserved more from the game today like he usually does, but he didn’t even have that in him. I’d be embarrassed if I were him. But he has no shame. He’s Manure through and through. When you wake up tomorrow, the score will still be 3-1 and Nani will still have a well deserved lady part growing from *her shin.

    On another note, well done Suarez, Kuyt and Meireles. Amazing effort today.

  6. Ryan says:

    is this a liverpool blog? we surely don’t have time to speak with fans of europa league teams do we? liverpool twats.. win one game and invade another teams blog site.. fuck off please, you are so tiresome. At least talk shit when you finish in the top 4 again..

  7. Chandler says:

    Come on now. Arsenal forever and ever, and I am glad pool won, but the crying shit is a ridculus. We (Arsenal) have had some bad tackles, one by a Manu prod. Hell we have giving some also. It is part of the game. Some reckless hacks some just hard challenges. “OFF SUBJECT BUT I SEE NO PLACE FOR HACKS” Today seemed a very hard late challenge.
    Yellow for sure and maybe red. So for whatever faults he has he has much more class than many of the pool fans. He apologized twice even.
    So you fat 20-40 year old fucks’ have respect for individuals with the skill and power to improve your league and never laugh or mock an injury you will never have the chance to have. Eat another pie, have pint, and die. NEVER RIDICULE INJURED PLAYERS. Oh and Fuck Rooney & Carrol. Hey Bibs this looks likes it could be an Epic title race. I can not wait.

  8. The flying Dutchman says:

    He’s here, he’s there, he’s every fuckin where, DIRK KUYT, DIRK KUYT!

    YNWA Happy BDAY Kk

  9. diego says:

    ohh men you don’t know anything about football… “you are a cheater” keep saying bull*.. and forget football (is a sport for mens) keep playing golf 🙂

  10. yorkybar says:

    Can anyone confirm the rumour that Man U have put a bid in for the Olympic Stadium so as to be much nearer for fans to travel?

    • Danny Salford Red says:

      Thats rich pal. Liverpool applying to build one in Wales then or Norway perhaps?