Date: 7th March 2011 at 4:37pm
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It doesn’t take a genius to confirm that we aren’t exactly the most popular club amongst other fans.

Other teams, rivals or not, celebrate our misfortune and in the case of Stoke create rivalries with us that don’t really exist but now there is empirical evidence to prove we are indeed the most unpopular team in the land!

In a poll ran by ZOO Magazine & Football FanCast a whopping 35% (378) of all people asked chose United as the club they hated the most, pretty remarkable considering the closest team behind us was Chelsea on 16% (171).

Add to that Gary Neville, one of the countries finest right backs ever, took a quarter of the poll when asked who would you least like to go for a pint with and you get a picture of how bitter our opponents are but it could be worse, he could have won that poll like El Hadj Diouf with a huge 30%. I guess those asked must be into the whole S&M thing as Steven Gerrard only took 14% a man who we know can be a bit handy with a few drinks in him on a night out!

Where is the love? Ah forget it being the best team in the land and on the verge of being the most successful will keep me warm!

For the full results of the poll including the player voted as the best in the Premier League be sure to check Zoo Magazine!


9 responses to “Nobody likes us but we don’t care – Man United rank as the most hated”

  1. Manoj says:

    Owners pride.. neighbours envy!!! Thats what Manchester United is all about

  2. Nitish says:

    We really don’t care about other fans.. Most of them are simply jealous of Man Utd success for the past 2 decades..

    We are Man Utd and we do what we want!

  3. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    Music to my ears!! Just shows our domination.

  4. santa says:

    “Youre green and gold and you will do as youre told”

    As we sung during our demolition of you yesterday.

  5. Kings says:

    Santa – Fuck off you gay cunt.

  6. RedScot says:

    As we witnessed yesterday on the Red Knights article on Suarez.They are scared.Its coming the 19th.I have a feeling because United will never die.
    I will keep my powder dry, meantime. 😉

  7. Suandy says:

    Suarez will haunt you for years. More to come in the coming season. You played LFC with abundance of money and ref assistance. looks like the clouds moved and its time you play with 11 players now.

    I am sure Orgie will splash money under table and ref will be back to kill other team games. Its no secret. Someday it will be exposed, in MANU websites Fans have already started writing how long will ref protect manu.Its time Manu play football on the pitch.

  8. Anas says:

    It’s a pride for united.. More u hated, more is the hunger for success to show you.. We don’t care about other’s fan’s.. Once Arsenal is rival for title, then they are replaced by Chelsea, again once season liverpool is rival’s for EPL.. May in future City or Spurs may rival for title.. But all time there will be always one team to challenge for.. That is what is Man Utd..