Date:24th March 2011 at 10:44am
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Following a 6 year stand off, Sir Alex Ferguson may finally be on the verge of making peace with the BBC.

Sir Alex hasn’t spoken to the channel since they decided to run a programme on the dealings of Sir Alex’s agent son Jason and whilst he has never taken legal action over the shows content, the implications of the show were enough to see Sir Alex snub the station ever since.

This season there was talk of fines and all manner of other sanctions to force Sir Alex to break his silence yet he has stood firm as he said he would until he received an apology but The Daily Mail claim that a meeting has been brokered between Sir Alex and BBC director-general Mark Thompson by Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards in an attempt to clear the air.

With Sir Alex in breach of the Premier League’s media rules a fine was issued back in October by the total of this has yet to be revealed as Richards attempts all possible action to reconcile the two parties before pressing on with the punishment.

People may look at the whole situation as petty but they forget that Sir Alex is not only a manager, he is also a father and he has every right to defend his child. Whilst he is breaking the rules I don’t see a more understandable reason for doing so – Ed