Date: 28th March 2011 at 12:30pm
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As you may know, we’ve been running a series of pieces on United captains from the recent past.

We’ve chronicled their careers, the highs and lows as well as the impact they’ve had on United and now comes the poll.

Who is your favourite? As we ask this we’re not trying to find out who is the best player that is a complete different subject, what we want to know is who is the best captain.¬†Who would you throw into the team in that moment of need?

Incase you missed some of them here are all of the pieces:

Martin Buchan – One of United’s finest defenders whose talent deserved more

Bryan Robson – How we could do with another ‘Captain Marvel’

Steve Bruce – Steve Bruce’s journey to the top was a long and hard one

Eric Cantona – The final piece to United’s jigsaw

Roy Keane – Flawed genius who became United’s most influential player ever

Gary Neville – A prime example of when hard work and dedication pays off

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11 responses to “POLL: Who is your favourite United captain?”

  1. Larry says:

    For natural leadership no one can touch Roy Keane.

    There are better players on the list but not better captains

  2. dublinrich says:

    All great captains and players but Robbo was my hero growing up. Was in tears during the 86 World Cup when he went home injured. FA Cup Semi Final Replay vs Liverpool in ’85 lived long in the memory.

  3. JonyB says:

    I think IMO that the celebrity of being such a winning captain tips it in Keano’s favour a lot, but for me he can NEVER match Robbo!! He was the original ‘Natural Leader’!
    In a time when he literally carried the whole team (at club and national level)…. he was our captain Marvel!!! A goal scorer, tackler and undervalued passer…….
    His bravery unquestioned, his tactical awareness was not widely realised, the way he could equally break up and start attacks like a Essien and arrive late in the box with the regularity of a Lampard, he also had a great shot on him!
    But where he really for me rises above Keano was his temperament. Whilst widely competitive he never willing launched a tackle to break someones leg or at the very least hurt them…… He never let his own ego get bigger than the team….. and he is the epitome of a Manchester Legend which is why he holds the role at the club he does…… He could of left for italy where they would of loved him and he would of won trophies but he showed the loyalty and love for the club better played players since have failed to do so…….
    The original, the ONLY, Captain Marvel……….

  4. Aatxe says:

    I like Cantona more than Keane but my vote is definitely with Keane on this one. Such an influence on the pitch who played with so much passion and ferocity. Even now, we are still looking for the next Roy Keane!

  5. Lee says:

    I must say Cantona….but give him 2-3 years, and my vote will go to Vida.

  6. Steve says:

    I’m one of the three who voted for Buchan so far – a class act who always looked as though he had ‘time’. Can’t deny the influence of the other candidates but Buchan held a young ‘hare ’em, scare ’em’ Tommy Doc attacking Utd team together in the 1970s as we charged our way out of Second Division to several FA Cup Finals and a hint of future glory!

  7. jonathan says:

    Really hard call. Keane was captain during what up to this point may be seen as the club’s highest point. There are so many qualities about him and Giggs said it best “…with Keane, you felt that you were invincible”.

    However, JonyB makes some good points regarding Keane’s temperment; and further, he was not too constructive in his final couple years with the club as it was rebuilding.

    Robbo has to get points too for being captain while the club was moving from good to great.

    Objectively, Robbo probably meets more standards of what typically qualifies a captain; but Keane still has to considered favorite as his will to win is perhaps unmatched in the history of the game.

  8. Vidas fan says:

    My vote goes to VIDA. I respect others but VIDA is something special

    • Chudi says:

      No fan boys here my friend!
      Vida has been great this season but you can’t put him anywhere near any of these guys yet

  9. Pre Munich Red says:

    Cannot vote until Roger Byrne is there.