Date: 15th April 2011 at 3:45am
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It comes as no surprise that we are all talking about the FA again.

They are, after all, an organisation chaired by a chartered accountant described by Lord Sugar as a man who “never offends anyone, and never makes a decision!” David Bernstein, and his board, totally bungled their treatment of Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson . Once again they appear insufferably incompetent, making repeatedly poor, retrospective decisions with a focus on setting examples.

Rooney shouldn’t have sworn directly into the camera, it sets a bad example to kids watching at home. But how can we, the press, or the FA, criticise a man for playing his game his way? He’s playing for the biggest club in world; ‘crazy’ moments will always be magnified by the vying media who busily sharpen their knives ready to carve up another overpaid footballer.

But it’s hugely important the FA don’t adhere to the pressure of the press whose only aim is to create sensational headlines. Why don’t they show some common sense instead? Do the suits at the FA really want Wayne Rooney banned from playing in their own cup semi final? United v City at Wembley Stadium this Saturday is arguably the highest profile domestic game so far this season, it will be watched by hundred’s of millions of people across the globe and is the perfect showcase for the Premier League and it’s glittering array of stars. But there will be no Rooney present – why? Because the FA wouldn’t show some common sense and let him play.

There shouldn’t even be a ban in my opinion. Swearing on the pitch has not been a punishable offence until now, the FA have created this rule midway through the season, without informing the LMA or the PFA. And worse still they seem to have created this rule especially for Wayne Rooney! Well done! Would they have done this for a Blackpool player? No, of course not.

Manchester United will always be the perfect scapegoat for the FA. Over the years some of the most watchable and maverick players in the world have graced Old Trafford. It’s what makes the club so special. Rooney is one of these players. Yes, he’s flawed, yes, he’s a bit stupid but he’s also a genius on the pitch.

Twice this season Rooney has made me eat my words. ‘Get him off’ I screamed furiously at the TV just minutes before he scored a sublime overhead kick that will surely be goal of the season. Again at West Ham I found myself questioning Rooney until he went on an eleven-minute goal rampage that saw him score the superb hat trick that will arguably be looked upon as the decisive moment in Utd’s season. And because this fantastic player dared to let his emotions run away with him after the torrid year he’s had, he will be watching the FA Cup semi final from the comfort of his front room! Nice one FA.

The football governing body in this country is called the Football Association, not the EFA because England is the home of football, so let’s make sense of our game with a bit of common sense. Don’t create new rules midway through a season, don’t order managers to speak to the media then ban them when they speak the truth, and whilst we’re at it ask referees to speak to the media directly after matches – I promise you we would all have a lot more ‘respect’ for you and them if you did.

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3 responses to “Apparently common sense isn’t common when it comes to the FA”

  1. Petrock says:

    The aim of FA is to see manchester united’s treble dream unfufilled. They can’t bear the replica of what happened in 1999. the FA acted without the common thing we called ‘sense’. for all i care, where there is casting down, there will always be a lifting up! whether the FA likes it or not, no matter how long the match ban on ROONEY, treble is certain. MANCHESTER UNITED FOREVER!

  2. Josh says:

    Alright Petrock thats a bit far.

    A Treble winning season would be great for the FA just as it would for United as it keep the Premiership as the best league in the world.

    The FA need to take some time at the end of this season to really hammer out their rules instead of simply making it up as they go along. This is the main reason why we have so much controversy in the game at the moment. For the best, and original, football nation, we spend too much time squabbling and crying “tit for tat” to concentrate on the actual football!!

    The three rules that we need most are

    1. Offside rule – The old joke about women not knowing the offside rule is now becoming that nobody really understands the offside rule!!

    2. Players being able to talk to referees – The idea that the captain being able to take more to the referee is getting forgotten now. I’m not saying that the Captain should be allowed to have a go at the ref but they should at least be able to talk to them before they make a decision. If the ref has already made up his mind then what is the harm?

    3. A real and proper guideline on punishments for infringements for both players and managers that is corroborated with the LMA and PFA – Loathe as i am to saying it but Didier Drogba (Bastard) got a 7 match ban for ranting and swearing at the referee whereas i saw Joey “Best Midfielder in the World” Barton ranting and swearing at a ref at the weekend and merely get a dirty look!!

    We need some structure in this league if it is to remain at the top.

    I especially liked the last paragraph about the referees getting interviewed.

    I’d love Clattenberg to get a grilling after one of his “signature” matches and lets see how they really feel about their perfonances instead of managers getting crucified for voicing their opinions about it.

    The referees have this GIANT buffer that the FA give them of being able to simply release statements via the FA apologising or backing their decisions during matches instead of being interviewed straight after the matches!!!

    It’s time the referees were given the opportunity to make themselves heard but also take some real responsibility in the limelight, i’d respect an official who speaks for himself rather than hiding behind the protective shield of the FA!

    Sorry for the long winded reply but i feel very strongly about this matter