Date: 17th April 2011 at 3:00am
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This may seem a little late but I feel it is always best to give yourself proper time to reflect on a result rather than fly straight in and say something foolish in the heat of the moment (hence you hear a ton of idiots on shows like 606 immediately after games).

Manchester United’s loss to Man City was bad, there is no sugar coating this. Before the game we wrote about this being a game and the fact that it was a Manchester derby is just an aside. I still agree with this, losing to City is bad but losing out on a chance to win a trophy is what bothers me more. I see a lot of people saying it is a useless cup and nobody cares about it but I disagree.

Yes the FA Cup was the least important of the 3 we were competing for at the start of play yesterday but that is scant consolation for the way the game turned out and is a poor excuse to cover this up.

The game itself was a strange one, we only played for about 20/30 minutes of the 90 and were duly beaten by a team who it appeared wanted it more. There are various reasons that could be cited as to why we didn’t perform for large spells; fatigue, complacency, wrong tactics etc I have heard a ton of them and each point has it’s merits as well as faults.

Notable observations from the game:

The Blame Game

A sad but frequent occurrence amongst football fans, not just ours, is the need to blame someone when things go wrong. Today’s main culprits are

1. Dimitar Berbatov – guilty of two misses early on that would have definitely made the tie easier had he converted, didn’t work as a lone striker

2. Michael Carrick – bad Carrick is back after his misplaced pass lead to City’s winner

3. Paul Scholes – after going 1-0 down his moment of madness made our task just that bit harder as he was red carded for a studs up challenge on Zabaleta

To be fair you can blame any of these or what ever else you want to but it doesn’t change the fact we played how we did. We were just as poor before Scholes was sent off, it’s accepted by most that he can’t influence the game as much as he usually does in a two man midfield as he doesn’t have the legs for it so why was he kept on when Valencia went off? Did you think of that? Or if you want to blame Carrick, why not blame VDS for the poor goal kick that initially put us under pressure?

There is nothing wrong with pointing out when someone has messed up but trying to solely attribute our defeat to either one of these players is poor form and not something I expect from us especially concerning Scholes!

Patrice Evra

Although offering a lot going forward, defensively his game was lacking. I can specifically remember him getting skinned badly by Johnson and Wright-Phillips (for shame!) and there may have been more occasions that I have forgotten.

Evra hasn’t looked himself for large parts of this season and perhaps he could do with a break. Considering the fact he played 51 games last season, had the calamity in South Africa, pretty much no pre season and has now played 40 plus this season it is understandable that he is feeling run down.

Evra was one of our better players last term, I remember Denis Irwin declaring that he was unfortunate that Rooney was in such good form or he would be a cert for club player of the year, so his dip this year is pretty shocking to see even if it is understandable.

Wayne Rooney & Carlos Tevez

Pretty sure it’s been said on here that banning Rooney for 2 games was a nonsense and today highlights that. I was firmly in the camp that believed City would miss Tevez more than we would miss Rooney but today slightly reminded me of that game against Blackburn after Rooney got injured against Bayern last term when Berbatov was up top alone. ITV didn’t help by constantly showing his expressions and gestures with our every passing chance, teasing us with what may have been!

As I said I believed that City would miss Tevez more than we would miss Rooney. I now feel like a fool for allowing myself to be lulled into a false sense of security in Tevez’s absence, I’m probably not alone but it was foolish to believe that City would just collapse in a game of this magnitude because of his absence.

Speaking of Rooney and Tevez leads me onto my final point…

Mario Balotelli

An extremely deplorably man (doesn’t seem out of place at City then!) who doesn’t seem to be getting any more mature.

The rumours will continue to circulate about what exactly he did to draw the ire of Anderson, Rio Ferdinand and the usually calm Edwin van der Sarr but even without that information the end of the game tells me all I need to know about him.

Prior to Man City signing him I wrote that I wouldn’t mind him here. Bullet dodged. The guy has shown himself to be a cretin at various points in his brief spell at Man City and today was no different. Mancini don’t seem to be helping by allowing him to behave how he does either.

Dwelling on the result won’t help instead we look forward to Tuesday’s game against Newcastle. There are lessons to be learned from the game and it also highlights how fortunate we were to do the treble in 1999 and how remarkable an achievement it is.

Our task now is to pick ourselves up and ensure we do not suffer from a hangover as Newcastle will be a tough game. Even if  that lot from down the road make our path to the title a little clearer by getting something from Arsenal, we still have to sort ourselves out as we have much to play for.


22 responses to “A couple of thoughts on the game with Man City”

  1. antonn says:

    suck it up

  2. Bluemoon says:

    A unexpected reflective article from a red blog however your remarks:-

    “Mario Balotelli

    An extremely deplorably man (doesn’t seem out of place at City then!) who doesn’t seem to be getting any more mature.”

    reveal an irony,he is just 20years old,yet the England sometimes Captain is allowed to spoil an international watched event by trying to draw him into a fight with several teamates,Rio who is 31 and Paul Sholes 36 displayed the collective maturity in full view of the watching world.
    Your manager (69) is banned for his behaviour,as is Rooney (7years old)yet the actions of a 20 year old can be the focus of your attention.

  3. RLFielding says:

    Typical Red…You still think CITY are irrelevant!
    Try & see that CITY are a growing force….we don’t measure the team by the size of the following…all those glory hunters.

  4. tublu says:

    almost a fair and balanced post, then you fell over at the end. Couple of points I’d add. You added (for shame!) after noting swp skinned evra. is that meant to be a comment on swps abilities ? that the same swp that your shower queued up to kick out of a derby match cos lord ferg was scared of him ? was it 4 or 5 different players booked for the systematic kicking he got ?
    And HTF can you have a go at Balo ? deplorable ? cretin ? tell you what. you keep the foul mouthed neanderthal and we’ll hang on to balo.

  5. Paul says:

    I am very surprised none of the media has picked up on the tv cameraman who was assaulted by Van der Sar after the final whistle.

    In the ITV footage you can clearly see Van der Sar wade in and knock the camera off his shoulder during the confrontation between Balotelli and Ferdinand.

    Poor losers as usual.

  6. CiTyBlUe says:

    Lmao, Balotelli shoved the City badge on his shirt into the direction of the United fans, then he winked at one of the United players which is why drug addict Rio, average Anderson and past it Der der Sar started to get all high and mighty.

    United and their fans finally got what they deserved but it does not stop here, for there is a whole lot more instore for you.

    Balotelli was well within his rights to do what the hell he wanted, Gary Neville ran the full length of the touchline to taunt us City fans and got away with it.

    Your a pot calling kettle bunch of muppets.

    Lap it up!

    CTID, The Bluemoon is Rising, Welcome to Manchester. CITY

  7. Culpano says:

    Of course it’s perfectly acceptable for Gary Neville to goad the Liverpool fans, kissing the badge and winding them up. But Balotelli is a cretin for winking at Rio. Sour grapes – get over it.

  8. Noisy Neighbour says:

    As usual United get beaten and its not because the other team were much better on the day (except for the first 20 mins)its all down to individual mistakes! Never mind there is still a promotion to go for as well with your beloved Norwich.

  9. City Slicker says:

    You United fans just dont get it do you? The World is not here just to roll over and let you have your way. The best team won it and you have to start facing up to that reality.

    You talk a big one before the game, then its inevitable that when you don’t live up to your own hype people are going to push it down your throats big style.

    That thug Scholes goes into to try and injure Zaboletta, yet all you half wits can do, is try and blame Balotelli for the lunatic antics of camel face and the dodgy keeper.

    Man up and take defeat like an adult.

  10. kev says:

    Dont worry about Balotelli, hes getting his just deserves right at his front door. He wont be winking when his flat gets set on fire. All you berties weren’t so mouthy when you were getting dropped left right and centre all over london and manchester last night now were ya? You bitter cunts.Manchester is RED