Date: 28th April 2011 at 12:28pm
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Everything has begun to come together for Manchester United.

At the right time of the season United appear to have hit form and the likes of Chelsea and most recently Schalke have come off the worse because of it.

At the start of the season and throughout, there have been calls of derision from many who have stated that this team is one of United’s worst and that it couldn’t hold a candle to some of United’s previous teams namely the treble winning side of 1999.

Whilst this team may never win over the nay sayers, it has one fan and a big one at that as 1968 European Cup winner Paddy Crerand has endorsed the team as the maintain their quest for silverware domestically but also in Europe.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Crerand asserted,

“I think this team would be slightly better than us.

“They are going to get to the European Cup final and win the league as well. We never did that. The year we won the European Cup we were pipped to the league by City.”

With the 1968 team including the likes of himself, Best, Charlton, Stiles and Foulkes this is high praise and many will refute his claims but Crerand’s words again go to show that this team isn’t as bad as initially made out even if it is missing components as fans have complained.

As United look to be making their way to Wembley for the Champions League final remember our last win from Moscow with this gallery, just click the pic!


5 responses to ““I think this team would be slightly better than us.””

  1. Yosh says:

    Do you think Vidic will cry when he lifts the Champions League trophy?

  2. john44r says:

    Look at that team with open eyes. Best defence and goalkeeper for many a year with only a slight doubt over the right back position which is covered by four players of variable talent and experience. In the middle you have world class players like Scholes, Giggs and Carrick, backed up by human dynamos like Park and Anderson. And up front you’ve got world class Rooney and Chicharito, with another world class player in Berbatov. Out wide there’s Valencia and Nani, two of the best in the world with completely different styles. It’s a team that can change formation, tactics and never stops fighting till the final seconds of every match. What more can you want?

    Carrick is criticised and he’s a confidence player, Vidic publicly backs him and he plays his best football of the last three years. Scholes doesn’t have the legs, but he’s still got the passes. And Giggs has it all.

    Spoilt fans expect every shot to go in, and every pass to reach its destination. Scholes nearly does that, Carrick, too…while Anderson looks for that killer pass more often and fails more often, and Rooney is a chancer and chancers get the rewards their talent and courage deserve. It’s all paying off now, I hope…

  3. kilo says:

    at the start of the year the united team was one of the worst teams we have had for a LONG TIME now they get this kind of praise .united will win prem lge , we might win champs lge againt barca . we need to play NARROW WHILE DEFENDING so our defence is not spread out. hercules beat barca 2-0 with defending with this tactic

  4. giggs4life says:

    very good comment by kilo . i had heard of dat same tactic against barca. barca are meant to have de beSt team EVER but united WILL beat them in the final

  5. Agree with kilo. At the start of the season looked like we will hardly qualify for CL.