Date: 30th April 2011 at 1:01pm
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This season has acted as a microcosm of the Manchester United career of Brazilian midfielder Anderson.

There have been high points and inevitably low points as he started off the term injured, before playing his way back into contention with a number of strong performances before injury again curtailed his strong spell in the first team.

Anderson is somewhat of an enigma in that one game he can look like a world beater and in another merely a pedestrian, case in point being last week.

Against Newcastle he (and the whole team) were nothing more than ordinary whilst last Saturday against Everton, Anderson was one of the outstanding players on the field.

Anderson accepts that he hasn’t always been at his best but hopes if he can remain fit he can play his way into United’s illustrious history, as he told The Independent:

“I know that. I know that I have qualities to be a great player. I am still young, if I am physically well, and if I want to, I can be a great player.

I want to be a part of United’s history like Paul Scholes and Gary Neville, at least a little part of the club’s history.”


7 responses to ““I want to be a part of United’s history like Paul Scholes and Gary Neville””

  1. jonathan says:

    Good attidude. It hasn’t quite been the breakout season I was hoping for; but that was largely due to injury as his good performances have outweighed his average or poor ones which couldn’t be said before. His passing ability, especially long-range, has grown significantly and I’m sure he has even more growth in store that will even suprise his supporters.

  2. Rohit says:

    A good pre season and i believe he’ll do for us next season..

  3. Soshe says:

    I believe that ando barring injuries,will realise his true potential next season.he has what it takes in terms of skill and technique.oh,and the goals will come,plenty of them!

  4. Aaron D'Silva says:

    His ability is there for all to see. His Strength, power and speed canoot be questioned, along with his skill at times, he can beat players with ease. But the boy has to become a lot more consistent to become a recognised product in the 1st team. Im a great admirer of Ando and when I see him on the team sheet Im always pleased. Obviously his injuries havent helped this season but I just dont think he has grabbed his chance. Next season I beleive he will offer something more, would love to see more goals,more end product and more Ando!

  5. Jacob says:

    Yes more consistency please Ando. Hope he finally gets it down.

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