Date: 3rd May 2011 at 2:30am
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Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho is quite the enigma.

Though, there’s probably a better way of putting that last sentence: what an irritating, deluded ego maniac Jose Mourinho is. He has proven over the last couple of weeks that he’s simply not fit to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Jose Mourinho has turned Chelsea, Inter Milan and now Real Madrid into the most despised clubs in world football. Mourinho’s men were out played by Barcelona in the Champions League game on Wednesday, and he should have accepted it.

Maybe the red card was harsh but it is still my belief thatBarcelona would have won that game. Sir Alex Ferguson is not always a gracious loser but what Mourinho attempted after the game was shameful. Do Manchester United fans really want a manager that has the ability to turn everyone against them and then walk away three years later leaving the club to rebuild its image? Could Manchester United fans really warm to this man?

“Sometimes I am a little bit disgusted to live in this world, but this is the world we live in. If we go there (Nou Camp) and score a goal, they will kill us again. We have no chance. They have to get to the final and that’s that.”

“Guardiola is a fantastic coach, but he has won one Champions League which I would be ashamed to win after the scandal at Stamford Bridge and this year, if he wins it again, it will be after the scandal at the Bernabeu.”

Surely the love affair with Jose Mourinho is over. When he came to England he delighted the press with a story a day and to be fair he made everybody chuckle. However, he is a football manager not a comedian. He has to represent the clubs he manages better. At Inter Milan he went out of his way to annoy the Italian FA and the Italian media and he will continue to do this at Real Madrid. On Real Madrid’s official website they have a video of Dani Alves diving splashed across their homepage. You don’t see Barcelona retaliating with the video of Marcelo pumping his fists when Peter Crouch was sent off.

Maybe it was not directly sanctioned by Jose Mourinho but it is indicative of the attitude he represents. For me, his antics are getting rather boring. Rather than purring at the man, believing him to be some kind of messiah we should actually be worried for his health. If he truly believes what he said on Wednesday night there is no doubt in my mind that Jose Mourinho has lost the plot. Has attacking, creative, expansive football finally cracked him? Manchester United are one of the biggest clubs in the world, can they really risk their image and reputation for three years of Jose Mourinho? Is it worth all the hassle?

Jose Mourinho is a despicable human being who deserves nothing but contempt. However, and this is a big caveat, Mourinho is fast becoming one of the most successful managers ever, winning titles in Portugal, England and Italy as well as the Copa Del Rey in his first season in Spain. His record is something to which nobody can ever turn their nose up and even Pep Guardiola recognises the winning mentality that Mourinho brings to his sides. But should winning come at such a price? Pep Guardiola has proven that you can be successful, play some of the best football the world has ever seen and still be humble.

If Manchester United are looking for a successor who will elevate the club, continue the traditions of attacking wing play and not turn world football against them, David Gill must look past Mourinho.

Written by Tom Costello of This Is Futbol

Whilst I have never been totally opposed to Mourinho taking over, I have been sceptical. He has had some unsavoury moments and this spat Barca with Barca is the latest. Following the recent documentaries on United, The Busby Babes, Sir Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton I got more than a few messages from people who felt that whilst a good manager, hiring Mourinho may damage the reputation of the club. More and more this is looking the case.

It is being stated that Mourinho is desperate to take over the reigns at Old Trafford when Sir Alex calls it a day but he is doing his cause no favours, it would be unfair to expect him to change his character in order to get the role, we are who we are. Maybe the position just isn’t for him. – Ed.


11 responses to “Is this really the man you want in charge at Old Trafford?”

  1. John Tring says:

    Yes and without a shadow of a doubt. If I were Gill I would make a move right now, before it’s too late. Forget the so-called controversies. Zero in on his capabilities and record. I am a life-long Utd fan and truly appreciate what SAF has done for the club. But dare I say he’s making a few bad errors of judgment lately and it’s costing the club. Last year we lost the title by a point and yet again we are at peril this season. Why we lose all the matches against the s0-called big ones ( Chelsea, Arsenal,Liverpool away this season )?? Why there is no real strategy? I guess SAF just relies on luck a lot these days. And his selections are to be questioned. Park is rubbish but he plays!

  2. Kaiser says:

    Someone here said Park is rubbish, I guess he needs to get his eyes checked.

    Man Utd cannot be expected to win every game they play. They had 6 shots on goal compared to Arsenal’s 2.

    And a team cannot be top of the league by luck and why SAF’s achievements deserve praise is he did not spend like Chelsea did and in fact Man Utd have been spending lesser than Arsenal these days and have achieved more !

    John Tring , you don’t deserve to be a Man Utd fan !

  3. tashim says:

    John tring is sayin trash. We dont need a muorinho to achieve success. He’l only make much more enemies for d club which is nt a good tin. We have a tradition nd it should b carried on. I’d prefer a Steve Bruce to a Mr Muorinho.

  4. casey says:

    John Tring, do you know what are you saying ? it does not make sense as a Manchester United fan to question Sir Alex’s strategy and tactics. After all he has won everything for Man Utd in the last 25 years. He is human also, so nobody is perfect.

    As for Mourinho, he will ruin the image of MUFC if he is in charge. We need someone down to earth, low profile manager to manage a good team and keep the players ego down. Someone like Guardiola perhaps ??

  5. Mannings says:

    John Tring stop talking out of your arse!

    We’re top of the league by 3 points, with 3 games to play and 2-0 up in a European cup semi final! Yes we’ve had bad results, but everyone would love this situation at the start of the season.

    As for Mourinho, his tactics are negative to football and don’t represent what United are about.

    We’ve always had the attacking philosophy to entertain our fans, which is why we were the biggest supported club in the 70s and 80s despite only winning 3 trophies.

    Sir Matt Busby would turn in his grave if he could see Mourinho taking over United.

  6. detoy117 says:

    get jose if u are desperate… but a good coach like spur’s and everton managers…. jose comments might help… utd Because refs will be very careful in awarding free kicks yellow and red cards….. including pineapples sorry penalty/// jose continue…. second leg will be very strict today u’ll see

  7. brian says:

    I am not Man utd fan but i respect Fergie and i think he is the best Manager ever.I would be very surprised if Man Utd hired this Phony,controversial,self loving,glory hunter to replace a legend like Sir Alex and ruin the good image of Man utd just like he did with Real Madrid….

  8. Taylor says:

    No, even Real Madrid’s president also stated that Mourinho actions damaged the reputation of the club. I never like Madrid but I respect it as a great club.

  9. ManUTDtotheCore says:

    this is very sad…whatever Mourinho said was a comment about football and not about peoples personalities. Calling him a despicable human being is definitely crossing the line. I am still of the opinion that Mourinho will be the best man to take over from Sir Alex as the pressure may be too much for lesser known managers. As he might not stay for very long, he will be a good transition manager between SAF and our next managing stalwart!

  10. Taylor says:

    Right now we don’t have any candidates yet if Fergie retires.
    I’d love to see how Paul Lambert pans out with Norwich. If he does well, he could be a candidate although it’s too early to say that.