Date: 3rd May 2011 at 11:59am
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The praise for Javier Hernandez has come thick and fast this season.

You will be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been impressed with the young Mexican striker’s debut season at Old Trafford with strike partner Wayne Rooney and manager Sir Alex Ferguson leading the praise.

Hernandez has scored 19 goals this term and with a number of important goals like his late winner against Everton he has quickly become a fan favourite but his rise to prominence hasn’t been good news for everyone.

Despite being our top scorer, Dimitar Berbatov has found it hard to get past Chicharito and Michael Owen too has found his opportunities limited due to the Little Pea’s form. Owen, who’s contract runs out at the end of the season, ┬áhas been reduced to cameos off the bench as he attempts to win a new contract at Old Trafford but has still found time to praise his counterpart.

There have been a number of comparisons made between Owen and Hernandez and the former England striker has spoken highly of his team mate saying,

“I wouldn’t say he is similar to how I was in the early stages of my career.

“But with injuries and the way I have adapted my game, he is probably quite similar to what I do now, apart from he is a bit sharper.

“He is 10 years younger of course, so maybe he is a better version of the current Michael Owen.

“Javier has been the surprise package this year without a doubt. He is certainly sharp and is a cracking lad as well. That probably isn’t that important to the people who just want to see him scoring goals but it is important for those who are around him and at the club in general.”

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4 responses to ““So maybe he is a better version of the current Michael Owen.””

  1. RedScot says:

    Shhhhhh.Whisper that the comparisons to Micheal Owen, we have not witnessed yet how he recovers from a serious injury.Nor do we want to, but it will inevitably happen!.I just hope he maintains his work in the Gym, to build up that upper body strength.

  2. jonathan says:

    Classy guy, probably a good asset to have, but realistically should move on next summer.

    On another note, did you catch that Real are looking to sign Sahin? I haven’t reacted anxiously to a rumour like that in ages. They obviously like what the have in Khedira and Ozil so it wouldn’t suprise me if they go for it. I just don’t understand why we wouldn’t at least fight for him; hopefully we can.

  3. kelred says:

    hold up play is under-rated… even on this website!! If he can learn to dribble at speed he will be unstoppable. how great is it to have a solid front two. answer? awesome!

  4. Dribblemachine says:

    He is at the right club at the right time and plays with the legendary people (sir Ryan Giggs, 18Scholesy, Wayroo, Van der save, Rio5, Vidarock, EVRAlasting and many more) Lets wait & see what the future holds for the upcoming fans favourite