Date: 4th May 2011 at 9:45pm
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So hands up, who predicted that?

After all the doom and gloom when the team was announced United proceeded to trounce Schalke at Old Trafford to power into the Champions League final.

With a 2 goal advantage it was going to take a real effort from Schalke to get to the final and you know it just isn’t your day when Anderson gets a brace against you! Mark this day in your diary as it may never be repeated.

Add to that efforts from Gibson and Valencia and it amounts to a good night.

Barcelona again, so time to see if Sir Alex did realise the mistake he made in 2009 and can rectify!


8 responses to “VIDEO GOALS: Anderson brace fires us to Wembley”

  1. RedScot says:

    I never predicted that result….Hands up!
    I predicted 1.1 at Old Trafford.On saying that,Schalke04 were worse that in the Veltin’s arena.How did they manage to get to a Champions league semi final.9 changes ffs, whats he doing?
    Our boss is the master of tatic’s, it show’s our depth of sqaud is not so poor as most of us think!
    Anderson great on the night, Darron Gibson, heavens he reinvented himself as a football player.Its all about consistency with these United players.Totally brilliant, all the lads.
    I noticed nobody in the Theatre was “ultra” confident either, not one chant till United scored the first goal…weee are going to Weeeebbbeeerrrleee.They sang, yes we are.
    Cmon United.

  2. Aaron D'Silva says:

    Wasnt over confident going into tonight, memories of Bayern and even Leverkusen all to fresh for me and when I seen the gamble Sir Alex made it didnt help. However, I apologise to the boss… gamble paid of and not only have we rested players for Sunday but what experience for the likes of Smalling, Evans and Rafa.
    Blogged about Ando needing to start scoring and he does that, and yes… Shalke offered little but you have only got to beat whats in front of you!
    Roll on Chelsea, Roll on May 28th, Roll on Barca and lets go and win it at Wembley….the history is ours!

    • RedScot says:

      Agreed mate the German jinx is put to bed.its true the younger players you mention, got big game experience, ignoring Chris Smalling cockyness in bringing the ball out of defence, to be caught.He was up against the Champions league top goal scorer in Raul, he will learn.
      Ditto regards Ando… on the Faithfull blog i am so chuffed for him tonight mate.
      I dont see it as easy, on the 28th mate, Barcelona if you watch how the have changed since 2009, outside the goalkeeper, when a opposition player is on the ball, they fly right in the opposition player to give him, no time, the do that time and time again.They hunt in packs Barcelona.
      Anyhow I am working on how to beat Chelsea.All in my mind…. of course.I just hope with the watching Pep Guardiola, Sir Alex did not play his hand to soon, bye resting the “Key” cards in the next game!

  3. Yashi says:

    Utterly loved Gibbo tonight. The lad gets criticised all over the place and I am sure some fans will still find something wrong about his performance tonight, but he keeps on going, keeps on persevering. He was really good at spraying passes wide and was charging forward whenever he had the opportunity.

    As for Ando, we all know what he is capable of. I always thought his problem was his attitude. But hopefully, he is starting to understand that he needs to work harder and deliver more consistently to fulfill his tremendous potential.

  4. Elvino says:

    All I can say to all the doubters is I told you so and look at that result fringe team my ass, I believe in my team no matter what the circumstances. I win and lose with them Premier league will be ours this coming Sunday and the world will see Barca beaten at Wembley even though they expect the worst for. Prepare for a United shock treatment

  5. Marlowe says:

    Ando started out weak and honestly i feared for his lack of decision making and too much dribbling. but as the game went on he straightened out and relaxed. Im happy that he got the brace and played well. He’s even gotten FASTER!

    Smalling continued to impress with the exception of the goal allowed. He reminds me of Rio in almost every aspect. Even in the give away, remember rio was inclined to some foolishness at the beginning of his career. But smalling seems to have unparalleled calmness on the ball. Evans did nothing to improve my opinion or weaken it. and Gibbo just had a solid game.
    Also, Glad to see Darren back!

  6. Yosh says:

    Where did all the Gibson hatters go?

  7. Yosh says:

    I think all the Gibson hatters deserve all the plaudits for Gibbo’s performance. The twitter fiasco must have really got to him.