Date: 9th May 2011 at 1:20pm
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Yesterday we looked at the misguided sports writers who incorrectly predicted doom and gloom for Manchester United this season.

Whilst many predicted that United would finish second some were stupid enough to predict we wouldn’t even finish in the top 4! The list which came from the BBC was compiled by the some of the English games biggest names so of course it didn’t include that moron Piers Morgan.

I tend to avoid Morgan and his infantile ranting on Twitter he annoys me and his attempts at humour always seem off the mark but nowhere near off the mark as his misguided predictions for this season.

Back in August in the Daily Mail asked him (haven’t a clue why!) for some prediction for the season and here they are:

MANCHESTER UNITED will miss a top-four position for the first time in decades. Putting aside my usual detestation of all things United, I actually believe this.

Based on current squads, I think Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are stronger. And United clearly have serious financial restraints.

What I don’t understand is why Sir Alex is so keen to support publicly the tightfisted owners who have wrecked his winning streak.

Miss the top 4 huh? He put his prediction down to the strength of our squad, I must have missed when our team, who missed out on the title by one point last season, suddenly became rubbish! Must have missed the World Cup and Javier Hernandez and I bet he would be swinging from the chandeliers ranting about Smalling if Arsenal had signed him. Did he forget that managers amongst other things also play their part? The added influence of Sir Alex was always going to play a part so there was no way in hell United were finishing 4th.

Here are some other gems from the moron:

REAL MADRID will win the Champions League.

In the same analysis he proceded to refer to players like Raul and Guti as ‘creaking old showboaters’, please someone tell me why anyone asks or cares about his opinions on football?!

LIVERPOOL will have a very good season under Roy Hodgson.

Judging by what he did with Fulham’s fairly average squad, imagine what he’s going to do with the likes of Gerrard and Torres.

This is too easy so I’ll leave you to this one.

ARSENE WENGER will end his trophy drought. I know, I know, I’m biased. But I have been very impressed with the boss’s close season activity… Up front, I like the look of Marouane Chamakh, who is tall, strong, fast, skilful, good in the air, a lethal finisher, and looks like Ronaldo’s slightly prettier younger brother.

FA Cup – Nope,

Carling Cup – Nope

Premier League – Nope

Champions League – Nope

I wonder how excited he was when Wenger said he was looking at his side doing the quadruple back in February!

Thanks to punitrajpara for making me aware of this and thanks to Jeremy Clarkson for living the dream and punching the loathsome toad!


15 responses to “Piers Morgan confirms he is in fact an idiot”

  1. john says:

    why the fuck would they ask this prick piers morgan about football.
    glory glory manu united we destroyed chelsea
    giggs u are a pure legend and hernandez what can i say the only person since ruud vanestoorly to score 20 goals in his first season well done son.
    giggs should be knighted and have a statue made on his behalf along with shcoles and neville.
    hernandez break the 20 goal recored son 3 games left u can do it.

  2. ManUTDtotheCore says:

    In your face Pierce “Stupid face” Morgan!

  3. Jumping Jesus says:

    Piers Morgan. What a whitless, over-opinionated, grade A twat

  4. john says:

    i would also like to say if we do get someone like sniegder in the summer i really hop fergie puts gibson on loan. he has everything in game as u saw against schalke , shooting, that throug pass was so good it would even make xavi take a bow he needs a good run of games like cleverley plaese put him on loan hill be a much better player

  5. big red says:

    Morgan ain’t worth wasting paper on T**t

    I knew this was going to be bollox when you quoted the source ” Daily Mail”

  6. Chris says:

    He probably said what he did about Chamakh because he’s after his arse. Football pundit he ain’t does he ever get anything right? Why anyone would actually want to watch one of that toss pots shows is beyond me.

  7. timbo says:

    As they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. The fact is in any given season you could hold up 90% of the populace, as well as pundits, for being incorrect in their predictions. Does that make you, or any other United fan, all the wiser for simply and blindly sticking by your team allegiance? Being cocky and arrogant after the fact simply makes you like like the kind of arrogant jerk you’re accusing Morgan of being.

    No one in their right mind could have known or predicted that Hernandez would prove to be such a sensation – want to try and convince everyone that you follow the Mexican league and knew well beforehand that Chicharito would prove the buy of the season? Or is it just case of hopping on to the bandwagon after the fact in order to crow?

    Above all, who was to know that this would turn out to be one of the most miserable seasons of football in years (I’ve been watching United play since the late 60’s) with ALL the major teams putting in some really shitty performances? It wasn’t a case of the best team winning, but of the team that played least badly stumbling across the line to take the trophy in almost apologetic fashion. That’s no way to win a trophy (especially given United’s abysmal away record) and though I’ll take any championship, especially one that finally sees United draw ahead of Liverpool, it’s undoubtedly the least satisfying of all the First Division/EPL titles I’ve seen United claim. United are entering a transition phase and were simply fortunate to win in a year in which the other major players were also in transition and played even more poorly than Fergie’s men. City in particular should have done better given the players they have on the books, but thankfully because the owner believes in being perpetually in transition, rather than settling a squad, United befitted, just as they befitted from Abromich’s lack of vision and his fixation with instant results, particularly in Europe.

  8. kieran says:

    The leader of the ABU’s…what a c*nt. I read that article on holidays last year and said to myself to cut it out and keep it…I never did but here’s the link to the full article…priceless!!!!

  9. timbo says:

    Excuse the ‘befitted’ references. My spell-checker inserted it in place of ‘benefited.’ I type so quickly that I leave it to me spell-checker to correct typo’s.

  10. karlomu says:

    this guy printed false pictures of iraqi prisoners being tortured by british soldiers helping feul more western hate in the middle east and possibly reprisals and he ends up geting his own show on tv and being lauded as a judge on britains got talent.its a strange world, if you ask me he should be shunned by british society for his treasonistic behaviour…