Date: 24th May 2011 at 9:30pm
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Fergie’s Fledglings is an iconic tag given to a talented few who and tonight the talented group gathered again to honour one of their own.

Gary Neville’s testimonial was always going to attract huge names and last night Neville lined up alongside his brother Phil, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes amongst others to take on Juventus at Old Trafford.

The turn out and reception was a fitting tribute to one of the club’s greatest servants and it was a joy to see the talented bunch together again on the turf of Old Trafford showing glimpses as well as in large parts why they were so highly rated all those years ago.


4 responses to “PHOTO: Sir Alex & his Fledglings years later”

  1. jonathan says:

    This may be an odd first reaction, but wow Beckham is REALLY thin! Look at his legs! Is there some condition he has that he hasn’t released to the public?

    Otherwise, would’ve liked to haved catched the game, but no sports provider was carying it out my way.

  2. karlomu says:

    phil nevilles step overs the high light of the night by was fitting that so many people turned up a great servent and also a great player for club and country GARY NEVILLE IS A RED …

  3. NewJerseyRedDevil says:

    Who was the starting X1?

  4. RedScot says:

    It was a fantastic occasion, while the game was well a “friendly” with only one or two meaty challenges being offered it was still a fitting tribute to a legend.Before anyone says “what do you expect” a full blown game! I realise their is a game on Saturday at Wembley(cant recall what).
    I felt genuinely that the attendance was poor, 41k I believe , some allowances could have been permitted(owners) taking into consideration the amount of money United fans have been asked to shell out, in the prior three days at Old Trafford.To me I think its an injustice in this day and age of talk of footballers wealth and other ‘indiscretions’that poor publicity is offered to Gary Neville in recognising on his much deserved testimonial, he donates the proceeds to charity for the benifit of others around the Club and various schemes in Manchester and further afield.Its a funny old game is it not?
    How “shite” attracts more attention than good, I just think thats so alien and well the destructive nature of some area’s of the media.
    Why do the Daily Mail, not run a story on Gary’s fabulous contribution in the “giving back” angle?Rather than constantly attempt to destroy United bye picking up and running and running, with unsavoury aspects.I say Red card to the Daily Mail always.
    Anyhow the lads looked fantastic, me personally my heart would have burst with pride slightly of topic if I could have seen a picture of the mirror of 92….fastforward the second coming, 10th winners of the youth cup for United on Monday with Sir Alex thats a picture for the future.Its written in the stars I am convinced of it,Paul, Ryan,John,Will,Larnell,Tom etc etc.
    I felt quiet sorry on seeing David Beckhams face when Gary was doing his walk of honour and when walking past the Juventus and United X1….It sorta of said to me “this is where I belong” and I should have never left here 7 ago.Wow can he still not deliver a fantastic ball into the danger area’s of the goalmouth and with almost pin point accuracy across the field.
    Its not correct i understand to highlight individuals during a “friendly” little can be gleaned from it.
    The final and one of the most pertinent points for myself when Gary was adressing the Old Trafford support and thanking the variety of cogs that have helped him through out his magnificent career, his final words to the “faithfull”?..Cmon we have a cup to win on Saturday!……the hairs on the back of my neck shot up with a tingle of well…..Ya Know what…..We do for Red Nev,Big Edwin and Paul Scholes.