Date:6th June 2011 at 10:15am
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When Arsenal’s Samir Nasri refused to rule out a move to Old Trafford this weekend he not only sparked huge controversy, he also raised the football’s ultimate taboo subject – crossing over to the enemy.

There has been much speculation about the French midfielder’s future and when stories linking him with United first broke they were pretty dismissed by all quarters. Patrice Evra attempted to jovially advise his French national team mate by advising the ‘petite prince’ to come to Old Trafford if he wants to become a king.

This only served to make light of the situation but any laughs from Arsenal fans will have ended with Nasri’s comments to Telefoot.

Nasri signalled his intentions telling the French sports programme,

“I don’t know if I will sign a new contract, the discussions are ongoing.

“Do I want to go to United? First, we should see if it’s real and concrete.”

Nasri, who is in the last year of his deal at the Emirates, will have attracted the ire of Arsenal fans the length of the land with his comments and after scoping a few of their blogs the grumbling from disgruntled Gooners has begun.

But it is not just Arsenal fans that are opposed to Nasri travelling up the M6 as I have seen some United fans speak out against any potential move.

At it’s height, the United/Arsenal rivalry was as fierce as any onfield and matches guaranteed drama. Whilst the games’ have simmered down the ill will is still there amongst fans (I think Arsenal fans celebrated Barca’s win over us in the Champions League final just as much, if not more than the Catalans for various different reasons).

When Evra advised Nasri about his future he added,

Anyway, if Samir comes (to United), he has to know there is no room for mistakes. Each year you are playing to win. That is Manchester’s culture.

Many felt this was a veiled barb at Arsenal’s seemingly annual meltdowns and the fact Nasri ‘comes from a team of bottlers’ has been used as a critique by a small section of fans.

I decided to do my own little bit of research on The Busby Way’s Facebook page and the results were all positive even if some concern was expressed.

Everything aside Nasri is undoubtedly a good player. Technically sound, good in possession of the ball with great dribbling and passing and no slouch athletically I know more than a few Arsenal fans that claimed they would not miss Cesc Fabregas if he left for Barca earlier this season because Nasri was performing so well.

Even though his season tailed off that shouldn’t be used as an indication of his ability, beyond Wilshere and Van Persie I can think of few Arsenal players that can say they had good seasons. He stood out early for Arsenal, is a French international and it’s not like this has been a breakout season for him so questions over his ability go out of the window.

With all that said the question turns to Nasri crossing the so called divide.

With just a year left on his contract, Arsenal are in no position to play about and could face the prospect of losing him on the free so he is forcing their hand. If he was to insist that he wanted to join United they would be forced to play ball and sell to United now or even worse lose him for nothing a year down the line so talk of Arsenal not doing business with United is a non point.

Nasri’s will have known that his comments would alienate him from the fans that called him ‘super’ Samir Nasri so I doubt the prospect of actually moving to United will bother him. In this modern era of football one of the biggest ‘problems’ is the so called mercenary footballer who is happy to jump ship to who can offer the highest wage.

Fernando Torres was accused of being a mercenary when he joined Chelsea in January, there were fears that our own Wayne Rooney may have been on his way to Man City when he declared he was ready to leave United in October and most recently, despite taking a paycut to join us, Newcastle fans have derided Michael Owen for being such.

It is obvious that this will be the insult of choice from Arsenal fans who are already insinuating that Nasri’s contract talks have stalled because he is holding out for £110k a week but what if his move is purely for career development?

Frank Lampard made the jump from West Ham to Chelsea and it has definitely bettered his career (as well as his bank balance) and whilst he is hated at the club he grew up at, it doesn’t appear to bother him as seen by his celebration in Chelsea’s most recent win over their London rivals.

Nasri doesn’t have that same connection with Arsenal that Lampard will have had with West Ham and if that isn’t enough example then I point you in the direction of his fellow countryman and also former Marseille player Eric Cantona.

The rivalry between Leeds and United is by far fiercer than that between United and Arsenal and Cantona was able to cross the Pennines and go on to become one of United’s greatest players ever. A move to United would be a step up for Nasri both financially as well as in terms of his development, it may seem harsh but the gap between Arsenal and United is getting wider. In Nasri’s time at Arsenal he will have seen United win the league twice as well as make two Champions League finals (one of those times at his expense).

The lines between loyalty to club and self are becoming blurred as more and more money is introduced into the game thus allowing words like mercenary to be used more frequently.

Personally I would like for us to sign Nasri, I rate him higher than some of the players we have been linked with but I think it is unlikely. His comments may have been said to improve his deal at Arsenal but from reading, I feel he has a massive amount of respect for Wenger and could/will be persuaded to sign a new deal.


31 responses to “I wouldn’t be against Nasri making that step up and joining United”

  1. king gooner says:

    a step up?what you smoking boy?& yes we LOVED it that barca tore you a new one…

    • Chudi says:

      Here we go, Arsenal fan in delusion shocker!
      Must have forget what Barca have done to you over the past 2 seasons!

      • DPT says:

        Yeah but we actually beat them at our spot remember!! losing 4-3 on aggregate is no great shame considering we played 35 mins of the 2nd leg (at the nou camp)with 10 men and if Bendtner had taken his chance at the death then we would of knocked them out on away goals!

        Man utd are no better than Arsenal (as the game at the emirates showed when we played you off the park) Man Utd are just that little bit more consistant but that comes from the extra help they get from officials week in week out!

        • Danny Salford Red says:

          How can we be no better than Arsenal you bloody idiot? You havent won a thing for 6 years mate!!! And to use beating us this season as proof well what about the spankings we have been giving you every season for the last three years? And dont even mention the barca game at your place as you were smashed all over the place and not even a blind Tony Adams would have said you deserved anything other than a massive hiding from the game. Bout 17 shots on goal for Barca and 2 for you. But yeah mate you deffo should of won. Its this attitude of denial that will keep you and Wenger potless for years to come!!!!!

        • cccc says:

          you are a mong cockney boy

    • Yosh says:

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, look at this gooner! I think he wants to make like sami nas and join us too.

      • Barry says:

        Haha, a step up to United. What a joke – Their squad is the worst in the top 4 it’s just they are very good acquaintances with the officials. Arsenal are a much better team than United, you only have to look at the differences in the managers too. AW has lost himself in his delusional philosophy to try and counter the unsporting behaviour from the so called best team in the world. Going to Nasri would be a step down considering their average squad age is like 30.

        • Chris says:

          United’s average squad age s 30? Shut up please there is so much wrong with what both of you are saying right now.

          I suppose 6 years without a trophy is all part of the plan!

        • Danny Salford Red says:

          Oh look another Brain Surgeon who thinks moving to a team that wins trophies from one that doesnt isnt a step up. Im actually shocked you prats can bring yourselves to even say it. I suppose you are not a bunch of bottlers either then? 🙂

    • David says:

      On the pitch there isn’t much of a difference between United and Arsenal. It’s not as though games between them are a foregone conclusion and United aren’t thrashing Arsenal 3:0 every game. Yet in terms of trophies won there is a massive difference. United have won several league titles, league cups, the European Cup, the Club World Championship since Arsenal beat them (very fortunately) in an FA Cup final in which United out-freakin-played Arsenal. In recent years United have always been in contention for the league title in the latter stages of the season whereas Arsenal tend to fall by the wayside. In terms of the European Cup Arsenal have not been contenders (one final and a semi final apart) whereas United have reached three finals in four years winning once. The Terry slip? Yes, that was fortune. Or fate, as Fergie would say but in the first half United should have been out of sight in Moscow.

  2. noxiousd says:

    yes, a step up, Arsenal is a team of egos and whiners all too interested in putting themselves in the shop window, look at the likes of Nasri, Arshavin and Fabregas, three of your top players and all willing to declare they love other clubs at the drop of a hat. United is a squad, who all play a part to achieve greatness, they take the good (moscow) with the bad (trophyless seasons)…

    Barca had similar stats when they played your lot, and would clearly have beaten ANY other team convincingly…

  3. Davegooner says:

    I wish there was a chance of Nasri moving to Man Utd but I fear this is just a further effort to force Arsenal to improve their offer. The fact is that Nasri has been at Arsenal for 3 years and had one good half a season. He is not a natural winger and he is not good enough to replace Cesc so I would rather we let him go this summer and replaced him a quality wide player.

  4. The Rooney The Tevez says:

    He’s doing that.

  5. Joe says:

    Guys guys guys khaaaalm down as the scoussers would say. It is nothing new. players and agents learned how to play the game. Tevez did it to get his 250K a week and one of your own did the exact same thing. Rooney said worst than what Nasri said but once he was given the money he wanted he was all smiles. Nasri is no different. It is a finacial issue. Arsenal have offered him in the rgion of 100K and I can’t see united matching that or giving him more anyway.Your club is swimming in debts. Wake up.

    • Chudi says:

      You think we can’t offer that kind of money really? I despair for people like you, really.

  6. Josh says:

    As an arsenal fan this has hurt more than fabregas wanting to go back to barcelona but to be honest if he did move I would hate him the same as Ashley Cole and Adebayor but I wouldnt really blame him as its true that right now man u are a step up from Arsenal and if we then give them one of our better players then that will just make it worse. This will be like when we sold Adebayor after his best season then replaced him with chamakh who dosnt seem good enough. At the moment being an Arsenal fan for me personally is getting depressing as I doubt anything will change and I cant see how we will secure champions league with 6 teams competing for the spots.

    • Danny Salford Red says:

      Finally a realist without a head full of sh*t. well done mate, its nice to know you arent all delusional little bitches

  7. Stoph says:

    Ridiculous! Nasri will be fucking shit at Man Ure. He plays FOOTBALL, unlike that glorified Stoke

    • Sid says:

      You sound bitter. lack of trophies getting to you? or just the fact that united are superior in every way?

      If nasri is just playing hardball on a new deal, he didnt have to mention a rival did he? He could of mentioned a team abroad. Looks like hes interested in the step up.

  8. Algerian Dissenter says:

    This is laughable. Patrice Evra started this hilarious set of rumours. Don’t underestimate the Arsenal. Arsenal were United’s closest rivals until their implosion. They had a better away record this year and beat Barcelona. Before the Ferguson era Arsenal also had the better record in most competitions. The biggest difference is the atmosphere at Old Trafford. Arsenal fans could learn a lot from United fans at home. The Arsenal away supporters are the best in the league. A step up? I don’t think so. A step over. maybe!

    • Chudi says:

      United’s away support is better than Arsenal’s but we would hold the opinions we have as we are fans of our respective teams.

      ‘Before the Ferguson era’ you do know you are talking about over 25 years ago mate?

  9. Herdsmanafc says:

    The United v Arsenal rivalry is massively over-stated. For United fans Liverpool,Leeds and City will always be bigger rivalries and for us its Spurs, Tottenham and the Yids.

    If anything there is/should be a certain grudging respect for one another in the light of Chelski and City’s poisoning of the game.

    I’d rather see United win things than either of those two clubs for the simple reason United are a proper football club rather than a financially doped freak. I know many AFC fans feel the same and suspect most proper MUFC fans would say similar if Arsenal were still winning things.

    I’d hate to see Nasri go to United, but it would hardly be breaking a taboo like Campbell did when he moved from Spurs to Arsenal.

    What bothers me is the mercenary nature of footballers, but thats hardly news. I refer you lot to Carlos Tevez as evidence.

  10. SpartanArsen says:

    Arsenal V Barca 11 v’s 11 (one- nil Gooners)

    Barca have never beaten the Gooners 11 V 11.

    United can’t come close to saying the same.