Date: 9th June 2011 at 11:45pm
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Keane's performance against Juve ranks as one of the best individual everNorwich will return to the Premier League next season having been out of the top flight for 6 years and upon their return manager Paul Lambert feels they will stand a better chance of cementing their place if they take the example of a Manchester United legend.

Simeon Jackson’s goal against Portsmouth sealed Norwich’s place amongst the big boys and now they have got here, they will be looking to remain something that will be made infinitely easier if they take a Roy Keane -esque approach according to Lambert.

Speaking to Eastern Daily Press, Lambert asserted:

“You can take Roy Keane for instance. No matter if Roy Keane was on X amount of money when he started out or what he was on at Manchester United , you would still get the same performances.

“He was an absolute top, top pro – that is the difference.”


4 responses to “New boys hoping to emulate United legend”

  1. RedScot says:

    Was Roy not a man when he was a youngster at Rockmount in Cork.
    He in my opinion was a loose cannon but a lion on the football park.I think he did not have the ability to button it, at the correct time, which clearly lead to numerous argy bargy arguements tainted with vendettas throughout is career both at Forest,United and the ‘Irish’ set up,which he described including Jack Charlton and Mick McCarthy as a joke.Equally unforgiving regards Maurice Setters!.
    The point I think and Paul Lambert being Scottish and Celtic links as did Roy briefly is implying he would like some Gael influence in his Norwich side.A trait United have always had throughout its history with many Scottish and Irish men key in the backbone of the team, like Roy Keane.
    They are not ten a penny though to find this huge character that Roy clearly was and wore United on his sleeve.We I think should forever be gratefull to Brian Clough in having the ‘balls’ to put the ‘Irish man’ on the park at Liverpool for Nottingham Forest and start his curve upwards to success and legend status at both clubs.
    How times have changed eh…£3.75 million the fee!

  2. karlomu says:

    theres already an irish influence at norwich in wes hoolahan not the same type of player as keano but its still great to see ex league of ireland players makin a name for themselves in the premier league,we beat italy with five ex league of ireland players in the team hopefully the future,s bright,EL TRAP TI VOGLIAMO BENE…

    • RedScot says:

      Understood most of that mate, the last bit is where I got a bit lost,”EL TRAP TI VOGLIAMO BENE “?
      Is that what you are having for munchies? lol

  3. karlomu says:

    p.s big jack and mick mccarthy were jokes keano was right to walk out of that shit excuse of an international set up we had at the time he faught for higher standards which lead to the genesis report and an overhaul of the fai ..THERES ONLY ONE KEANO…PITY…