Date: 9th June 2011 at 8:00am
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They just never learn do they?

Predicting what competitions they win and players they’ll sign is unbelievably foolish but there is absolutely no excuse for getting your club motto wrong!

This muppet decided to get the City motto¬†Superbia in Proelio (Pride in battle) inked but due to his or the tattoo artist’s mistake ended up with Superbia in Praelio.

Congratulations sir, join the long list of idiots from the blue part of Manchester!

Thanks to the good people at Blue Moon for pointing this one out to us!



6 responses to “PHOTO: City fan in tattoo fail AGAIN”

  1. Chris says:

    Fuck sake how man times is this? What about the one with the United badge tatt?
    Idiots the bunch!

  2. JETELINHO says:

    like it – unalphabeted ulcers

  3. jose says:

    I’v a feeling there’s an incognito Red laughing his ass off when the idiots leave his tat studio in Manchester, thinking to himself, “Here’s another photo for the Manu blogs, LMFAO”, ha ha

  4. Hidayat says:


  5. manutdthebest says:

    how come so many idiots supporting the same club.. ? Not even once,twice or three times.. it’s flipping countless, one after another.. keep doing the same thing.. !

    Speechless.. but the club and fan suit pretty much each other though.. God made match!

  6. Bluemooner says:

    Fuck off you sad rag twats! 6-1 LMFAO